Bird feeders

This past fall I asked hubby to put one of our bird feeders on top of the pergola, that way I would be able to watch the birds while at the kitchen sink. Little did I realize the mess the birds, and squirrels would make. We have seen some beautiful birds at the feeder but I am questioning whether or not we will put the feeder on top of the pergola again next year. I can’t blame the mess of sunflower seed shells completely on the birds, because we do have two black squirrels and a grey squirrel that are up there a lot. With the home-made bird feeder right outside the kitchen window, I have been lucky in two ways, one my kitchen window is always clean and two, we are able to capture some beautiful pictures.

Frequent birds at the bird feeder:

Blue Jay
Male Cardinal
Female Cardinal and other birds
American Goldfinch

One of our squirrels:

Grey Squirrel

Now the mess:

Underneath the pergola
Side door entrance

So next year, do I keep the bird feeder on top of the pergola, and just deal with the seeds throughout my house or do I move it?

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    1. The cardinals are daily visitors, and have been breeding in the back corner of our yard for years. The blue jay we only see once in a while and the other birds are also daily visitors.

  2. Seed also gets spilled at my bird feeder, but not by the birds. It is the overfed squirrels who this it is their personal drive-thru that make the mess. The birds don’t get a chance to eat from it. πŸ™

    1. Our birds and squirrels share the one feeder, but I agree it is mostly the squirrels that make the mess. Are they overfed, no question about it, but it is still enjoyable to watch them.

  3. Oh my goodness! This is awesome! I LOVE your photos and would love to look out a crystal clear window and see THAT many birds on any given day!

    I say deal with the mess – or ignore it for that matter – and focus on the beauty and joy that is right before your eyes. πŸ˜€

    If the shells make you cranky, sweep them and compost them… or just let nature do that for you.

    1. The mess outside doesn’t bother me at all, it’s just that it is tracked in the house. Though seeing people’s comments, I will probably keep it there next year because of all the lovely birds. The clean Window is definitely an added bonus.

        1. All of us are tracking the shells into the house. Thankfully the shells are mostly staying in the landing. The pictures did turn out well considering they were taken through the window. Hubby has a great camera too.

          1. A DSLR makes a total difference. He actually has two, we got him a new one for his birthday, only because the old one doesn’t take videos. The old one is now mine, and it takes the thinking out of taking beautiful pictures.

  4. It’s a mess no matter where you move it to, so move it to a place you don’t have to sweep/clean. You creatures look like ours! Meanwhile, congrats to your men’s team today.

    1. I agree, it is a mess no matter where we move it. We have two others at the back of the house, and the mess there is the same. Oh well, the birds need to be fed, and so do the squirrels.

      It was another good hockey game today, the eldest daughter was screaming throughout most of it, she is quite the hockey fan.

  5. Oh, I would definitely keep it outside the window, so that I could see the birds! And they don’t seem to be shy… Do the squirrels eat their food? Poor little dears, they are so sweet!

    1. Most definitely. The squirrels are responsible for at least 50% of the mess on the ground and in my house. It is tricky taking their picture but we are getting much better and as I mentioned, my kitchen Window has never been cleaner. All pictures are taken through the glass.

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