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Bird feeders

This past fall I asked hubby to put one of our bird feeders on top of the pergola, that way I would be able to watch the birds while at the kitchen sink. Little did I realize the mess the birds, and squirrels would make. We have seen some beautiful birds at the feeder but I am questioning whether or not we will put the feeder on top of the pergola again next year. I can’t blame the mess of sunflower seed shells completely on the birds, because we do have two black squirrels and a grey squirrel that are up there a lot. With the home-made bird feeder right outside the kitchen window, I have been lucky in two ways, one my kitchen window is always clean and two, we are able to capture some beautiful pictures.

Frequent birds at the bird feeder:

Blue Jay
Male Cardinal
Female Cardinal and other birds
American Goldfinch

One of our squirrels:

Grey Squirrel

Now the mess:

Underneath the pergola
Side door entrance

So next year, do I keep the bird feeder on top of the pergola, and just deal with the seeds throughout my house or do I move it?