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Ontario to Whitehorse, Day 2 Ontario

Our day two drive took us to Agawa Bay Campground (site #323) in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The drive through Lake Superior Provincial Park is up and down mountains, around curves, giving you pretty spectacular views of Lake Superior.

We drove this route in 2006, when we took our kids, at that time aged 12, 14, and 17 to White Lake Provincial ParkWhite Lake Provincial Park 2006After driving for a few hours, we remembered that we had forgotten our two cans of Bear Spray on the kitchen table, off to an outfitters to purchase another couple of cans. We would be camping in areas where there are bears, so we always carry bear spray with us. Thankfully we have never had to use the spray, even when we have camped where a problem bear was in the area. Why are there problem bears? People do not keep their site clean. Always lock your food in your car, or if in the back country, hang it high in a tree. A picture of dad for middle child

For lunch we stopped at Serpent River.Matt at Serpent River Ontario Lunch Serpent RiverSerpent River 4

Our campsite at Agawa Bay was only a few steps from Lake Superior. After setting up camp, eating dinner, we walked over to the beach to watch the sun go down. The sunset though, was unbelievably long! As we waited, we chatted with other campers. Of course my husband had to bring up the topic of the Green Flash Sunset Phenomenon. One of the women we were talking with, burst out in laughter (along with me), stating her husband has been waiting for years to see the “green flash!” We did not believe the “green flash” was a real thing, but the link above says it is real. Go figure. Apologies to my husband, for not believing that he has told the truth for the past thirty odd years. Geez. (In truth, I sent him a text saying “fuck me, you’re right, damn, the green flash exists!”. We did not see the green flash that night.

Sunset Agawa Bay 3 Sunset Agawa Bay 5 Sunset Agawa BaySunset Agawa BaySunset Agawa BaySunset Agawa Bay

A flying condom wrapper hit me in the head

Last month hubby and I had the opportunity to go away without kids for two weeks, and we took it!  Granted there were only two of our three children at living home and they are 23 and 21, so having mom and dad out of the house for a couple of weeks really isn’t a big deal.

Not a lot gets done in regards to personal grooming when you are on the road for two weeks, camping most of the time. Showers were had, but trying to shave one’s legs in a campground shower stall is next to impossible, if you want to do it with hot water. Plus there were a number of days where it had rained and rained so the comfort stations were not in their best shape.

Picture of us on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia

Starting to look haggard

So after two weeks away from home, it was time for hubby and I to pretty ourselves up. I was fine with taking care of myself, hubby was able to trim his beard to perfection, but then came time to deal with the back hair. I know, eww, and he required my assistance.

Some woman may like a hairy man, and certainly I like his hairy chest but when it comes to back hair, no thank you, I do not want to sleep with a grizzly bear. Over the years we have tried different methods of hair removal. There was the waxing episode (insert laughter), it did not go over well, sure enough it removed a lot of hair but he couldn’t handle the pain (and he has the nerve to suggest I wax my nether regions, ha!). Then there was the cream removal treatment, it didn’t really work either, I had to keep slathering it on, then showering it off for him, then slathering it on again, showering, and so on. The final and most successful is plain old shaving with the electric beard trimmer, it’s quick, painless, and does the trick. Voila! He’s been beautified.

Now sex on vacation doesn’t really happen when you are driving, and stopping, and driving all day, then trying to find a place to stay, particularly since this was a spur of the moment trip, and nothing was booked. We were exhausted most nights, then we would be camping, having to cook our dinner, set up the tent, the air mattress, sleeping bags, and hubby’s nightly fight to start a fire with soggy wood (he usually won after soaking everything with camp fuel). Don’t get me wrong, I would not trade the camping for anything, I loved every minute of it, and so did my husband, but we were tired, and even if sex was on our mind, we were tired.

So, when we arrived home, we had to make up for lost time. Now, after years of bad timing you would think middle child would have learned by now, that when you knock on your parent’s bedroom door, you do not just walk in. Apparently the poor girl has not learned, and is once again scarred for life!

After slamming our door shut, she yelled she was going to check the mail. About ten minutes later I sent her a text message asking if we received any mail, she sent me this back:

I’m tainted
My brain is overloading
I’m about to throw up

The poor girl. Now a few weeks have gone by, and I must say she has gotten her revenge, not on purpose, but she has. This morning as I was driving the dogs to the dog park with the windows open, I was suddenly hit in the head by some sort of plastic wrapping, which then drops down to the floor. I look down, and what do I see but an open condom wrapper, OMFG – is the thought! I’m distracted by the dogs, until I arrive home, and as I am letting the dogs out of the car, I actually find the used condom in the back of the van. She got me. I’m grossed out. I’m happy she’s playing it safe, but in my van, ewww, Get a fucking hotel room daughter.

Hotel Frontenac

Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City

Stymied by a tire pump

Picture of my bike
A few days ago I retrieved my bicycle (see note) from the shed with the plan that I would ride it to the store, but when I pulled the bike out, which is no easy task, I noticed that the back tire needed air. No problem I thought, I will just dig the air pump out of the shed and pump up the tire. Well apparently it is a lot more difficult than I thought. First you need to have arm strength, and well I don’t have a lot, even with the years of carrying laundry up and down stairs, kids in and out of car seats, and now a dog (Cocoa our beagle) who occasionally needs to be carried upstairs because of bad hips.

So there I am looking at the tire pump, looking at the bike tire, looking at the tire pump, okay, I really only looked at each once, I do know how to attach the hose thingy to the tire, well at least I thought I did. First I took the lid of the plug (love the technical terms) of the tire then pushed the hose part on to the plug. I was unsure whether or not the one part of the pump needed to be up or down so I phoned my husband at work and he was not sure either, telling me to try it both ways.

With the silver thing in the up position (not seen in the picture) I started pumping and it seemed to feel like air was going into the tire, then the hose popped off. Okay, no biggy, I reattached the hose to the tire and this time I put the silver thing in the down position thinking maybe it locks the hose in place. I pump and pump but now the tire seems to be losing air instead of keeping it. Try again, silver thing in up position, and I pump and pump, the hose pops off again. Reattach hose and pump, this goes on for at least fifteen minutes, until, well the tire is completely flat. I give up and go start the van.

Later the teenage boy comes home from work and embarrassed as I am, I tell him about the tire and pump. My teenage boy laughs at his mom, trying hard to figure out how a 3/4 full tire is now 100% flat. I tried to explain, but he just didn’t understand how I did it.

picture of my tire pump

Like a good son, the teenage boy goes outside, retrieves my bike, the tire pump, and fills the tire within mere minutes, but I no longer need to go to the store. Maybe tomorrow I will pull the bike out of the shed again.

Note: In the tiny shed are six bikes, my husband’s, my son’s, my daughter’s, my other daughter’s, and my two bikes. I actually don’t have two, because my husband has said my first bike, which has that crossbar is to be used for parts for his bike. I purchased a new bike simply because of the crossbar, the best way to explain how I feel about it, is if you read this post: The bed frame and weak bladder.