Empty Nest Syndrome

Definition: is a general feeling of loneliness that parents or guardians may feel when one or more of their children leave home; it is more common in women, (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empty_nest_syndrome).

Last night I was suffering from ‘empty nest syndrome’. I had planned a lovely dinner for my seventeen year old and me (hubby was at work), only to find out that he would not be home since he was spending the night at a friends, and leaving before dinner. Well I had a lovely steak, rice, and a slice of chocolate cake (which I had made purposely for him since it is his favourite), washed the dishes, than just sat thinking about my loneliness. You see, both my girls are away at school, and though we chat via phone, text, Skype, and Facebook on a daily basis it is not the same. I miss the daily busyness of the day, I miss working, I miss adult interaction. Thank goodness for Twitter, which sounds quite silly but I am able to tweet and get a response. Over the past year, I have developed relationships with absolute strangers but they keep me sane. It sounds crazy, but when you are stuck at home, unable to work, you need an outlet, any kind of outlet. Luckily hubby understands, and he actually thinks it is kind of cool that I have met new people, gone to tweetups (when I am well enough), heck he even went with me to one of my twitter follower’s house for New Year’s (thanks Morgan).

Anyways, after sulking for about an hour, I decided to phone hubby at work. I told him I was picking him up and we were going over to my best friends house and hanging out there for the evening. Life just got better.

5 thoughts on “Empty Nest Syndrome

  1. Catherine Burden

    The weekends where my husband works 12h day shifts can be difficult, especially if my son is out and about. My girls aren’t home that often, so it gets lonely. Thank goodness I love crafts!

  2. actuallymummy

    It is so hard isn’t it, there is never a balance! If we could just have them home 4 days a week would it be perfect then? I hope me and my husband enjoy each other’s company and I can still manage to get out and about when the kids have left home, and who knows – a marriage may be back on the cards!

  3. anna tims (@ageingmatron)

    This has really sobered me for was just drafting a post on how weary I get of my children’s relentless company. I must, must, must remember to make the most while I still have them. I hope you had a heady evening at your friend’s house.

  4. herspiritwithin

    Awww Im sorry you are feeling the effects of Lonliness. I can only agree with you on how that feels, and how much of a life line Twitter can be. People should never under estimate the joys of internet friends. Sending you thoughts!!! XX


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