I think you need a shave dear


Rubbing his shoulders, I leaned over him, my hair lightly stroking his face, then hubby actually spits my hair out of his mouth, not the right move for the romantic scenario I am trying to create, but I continue on. Then as I lean further over him, breasts gently caressing the back of his head, my chin grazes his forehead. Second faux pas: my dear husband says “I think you need a shave dear”. Well fuck! Now the mood is down the drain.

The benefits of being menopausal, I need to shave my chin. Gawd, getting old bites! My shaving now leads to a discussion of electrolysis. It has been decided that I will look into it so he never has to repeat those words “I think you need a shave dear”.

End note: the mood I was creating did not lead to anything at all. 🙁

20 thoughts on “I think you need a shave dear

    1. Catherine Burden Post author

      It doesn’t hurt to be honest about oneself, it is a good way to keep one’s life in perspective.

      I haven’t yet called about electrolysis, I think I am still in some sort of denial phase.

  1. journeysofthezoo

    Did you just start to describe a sexual encounter in detail and only stopped because of a chin hair? Here’s to you having more chin hairs.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo


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