Rental Agreement

Well that time has arrived again, middle child, the “young adult” has moved out. She has secured herself full-time employment in another city approximately forty-five minutes away. Her new job is with the same company her older sister works at, so naturally the older sister (and her boyfriend) offered her a room in their home.  Before the younger sister could officially move in, the older sister had to come up with a rental agreement for the younger sister to sign. Here is the “Residential Tenancy Agreement” middle child signed:

Rental Agreement
Rental agreement between the eldest, her boyfriend & middle child.

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    1. It only took her a couple of days to break the no video taping rule, and then she had to play “Beer Bitch” for the rest of the evening. I just wish I had been there to have seen that!

    1. Yes, not together, lol. It does seem like yesterday. Our oldest will be 28 in July and I remember every step, moment of her birth as if it was yesterday. Oh and the pain! (Though if I could I would have another right now.)

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