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Onward to Manitoba Day 5

Our destination for day five was West Hawk Lake Campground in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba. The fascinating thing about West Hawk Lake is it was created from a meteor impact. This was of course, a lake, my husband definitely had to go for swim in!

After leaving Quetico Provincial Park we continued on highway 11, where we saw our first brown bear crossing the road just outside of Fort Frances, plus a moose sauntering across, and then a bald eagle.

For lunch we decided to stop at Nestor Falls, and what a treat that was! Pelicans everywhere in the water!Pelicans Nestor Falls Nestor FallsBack on the road again, we reached our destination in no time at all. The campground was not what we were accustomed too, everywhere we looked there were large trucks, RV’s, and little to no trees. Thankfully at the very back of the campground there was a small forest for us to set up the tent. We were amazed that there was a deer. West Hawk Lake campground Deer at West Hawk Lake
Tomorrow Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Ontario to Whitehorse, Day 2 Ontario

Our day two drive took us to Agawa Bay Campground (site #323) in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The drive through Lake Superior Provincial Park is up and down mountains, around curves, giving you pretty spectacular views of Lake Superior.

We drove this route in 2006, when we took our kids, at that time aged 12, 14, and 17 to White Lake Provincial ParkWhite Lake Provincial Park 2006After driving for a few hours, we remembered that we had forgotten our two cans of Bear Spray on the kitchen table, off to an outfitters to purchase another couple of cans. We would be camping in areas where there are bears, so we always carry bear spray with us. Thankfully we have never had to use the spray, even when we have camped where a problem bear was in the area. Why are there problem bears? People do not keep their site clean. Always lock your food in your car, or if in the back country, hang it high in a tree. A picture of dad for middle child

For lunch we stopped at Serpent River.Matt at Serpent River Ontario Lunch Serpent RiverSerpent River 4

Our campsite at Agawa Bay was only a few steps from Lake Superior. After setting up camp, eating dinner, we walked over to the beach to watch the sun go down. The sunset though, was unbelievably long! As we waited, we chatted with other campers. Of course my husband had to bring up the topic of the Green Flash Sunset Phenomenon. One of the women we were talking with, burst out in laughter (along with me), stating her husband has been waiting for years to see the “green flash!” We did not believe the “green flash” was a real thing, but the link above says it is real. Go figure. Apologies to my husband, for not believing that he has told the truth for the past thirty odd years. Geez. (In truth, I sent him a text saying “fuck me, you’re right, damn, the green flash exists!”. We did not see the green flash that night.

Sunset Agawa Bay 3 Sunset Agawa Bay 5 Sunset Agawa BaySunset Agawa BaySunset Agawa BaySunset Agawa Bay

Day 1

Kerosene Lanterns

Hubby and I had just returned from camping in Bon Echo Provincial Park when it reminded me of our family camping excursion to Killbear Provincial Park years ago with our children. The eldest was five, middle child three, and the teenage boy was two. It was pretty amazing what a good time we were having that week considering most of it had been spent in the kitchen tent due to rain. The kids had been through most of their clothing, so when it had finally stopped raining I washed all of their socks which were covered in mud and then dried them over a fire. Once they were dried, they were warm but smelled quite smoky, the kids of course didn’t mind, they were troopers. During the evening we would sit in the kitchen tent playing games with light from one of our kerosene lanterns.

One evening though, turned out to be quite frightening. The one kerosene lantern we were using was quite old and probably not our best choice. The kids were sitting around the picnic table, I was at the other end in a lawn chair and hubby was sitting across from middle child, filling the lantern with kerosene. One minute all was quite calm as we were watching hubby work on the lantern when for some reason the lantern sprayed kerosene all over middle child. In a split second, hubby had middle child in his arms telling her to keep her eyes and mouth open as I poured jugs of water over her face and body. When all the water was used up, middle child was in awe of what was happening but not understanding the seriousness of the situation. Once we realized she was okay, hubby took her to the comfort station for a long shower to make sure there was no lingering kerosene on her. After that frightful evening, the kerosene lantern was disposed of and never to be used again.  We still use kerosene lanterns but they are new and when filled, hubby is far away from everyone.