To go nude or not to go nude?

When I was in high school I purchased a very risquΓ© bathing suit, to say the least my father was not impressed, whereas my mother gave me some slack and told him all the teenagers were wearing such suits.  The one piece suit was a pale yellow with a Vee-neck line, then lace starting just below the breasts and ending, well just in time not to show anything else. The back of the suit was pretty much just strings with a bit of material covering my butt. If you can visualize all of it, well what there was of it, then you can understand why my father was not pleased.

I had a lovely figure back then, before children of course and spent lots of time at the beach with girlfriends. We really didn’t go swimming, just walked along the sand in our suits. I remember we were chatting with two of the life guards, and poor young man was wearing a speedo. Now speedos are either the worst invention or the best invention. Either way, they certainly do not leave anything to the imagination and god help the guy who gets an erection, he pretty much has to go hide or think of his mother to calm himself down. Well, this poor guy saw my yellow suit and that was enough for him. I felt bad, for the exceptionally good looking guy, as he had to walk away and just stare out at Lake Ontario.

As the years went by, I became uncomfortable with my body, the weight I never lost after having my third child. Then I started perimenopause in my early forties, just enough to screw around with my hormones and change my way of thinking. Certainly I would love to lose weight and I do have a plan to tackle that issue, even so, I once again became comfortable in my skin.

Which brings me to our upcoming vacation in Jamaica. The adults only resort just happens to have a nude beach. Going topless is not an issue, but will I be comfortable enough to drop the bottoms and just relax in the sunshine? There is something to say about swimming in the buff, no restrictions, the freedom, it does feel great, but to go completely nude in front of others, hmmm. We will just have to wait and see. One thing I can say though, there will be no pictures, well unless they are for my husband’s eyes only.

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin for a nude beach?

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  1. I’ve never been to a nude beach where there were super models bay-watching around. Everyone else is average and pretty quickly you feel more comfortable naked than you would wearing a swimsuit in the midst of a bunch of naked people. I’ve also swum naked plenty of places where there was no one else around, except for the people I came with and I can attest that being naked in the water one of the best feelings ever.

    1. I love swimming naked, I really find bathing suits to be uncomfortable. So when the kids are not home, I’m nude in the pool. You are quite correct about the ‘super models’, we didn’t see any where we were. Since only half the resort was clothing optional we would get dressed for dinner, and funny thing, we didn’t recognize people with clothes on. I found it surprising how much we associate people with their clothes. Naked everyone is the same, and I preferred it that way. I can’t wait to go back, because there really aren’t any nude beaches where I live. I think North Americans are far more stuck up then Europeans when going nude.

      1. We live in the Emerald Triangle up here in NorCal and it is usually too cold to swim in the ocean. But all of the river spots are more or less clothing optional depending on the day, so much so that I don’t think there are any specifically designated nude spots.

        1. I Googled Emerald triangle, it looks lovely. I’m in southern Ontario, Canada, I think there is possible one, maybe two clothing optional but they are quite far away from me. Sad that the ocean is usually too cold to swim in; that was one of the reasons I chose Jamaica, warm waters, Cuba the ocean was cold.

  2. I could have sworn that I commented!

    Anyhoo… I wear a full suit and tie when I swim. πŸ˜›

    Can’t wait to read what went down on vacation!!

  3. Before, during, after kids, I will not go topless let alone nude. Others are free to do their thing and I don’t have a problem with my kids seeing nude people.

    Be sure to take pictures πŸ˜‰

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

    1. The resort we are staying at, is for 18 years and older, so no little ones. Going topless is no big deal for me, I do it all the time in the summer when swimming, of course only when the kids are not around or they are busy in the house. I will take loads of pictures, but none will be of us in the buff. πŸ˜‰

  4. Funny how age creeps up on you with such stealth. 15 years ago I’d have had no probs but now … NOT in public unless I already had a tan. Went on a cruise aged 21 and sunbathed top less. Had half the elderly matrons in paroxysms and their husbands drooling. Couldn’t pull that one off now πŸ™‚ Hope you have an ace time in Jamaica x ps tried to leave comment before today but young child kept peering over my shoulder at the screen when I was trying to read about the life guards.

    1. Fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have gone topless, I wasn’t confident enough, even though I had a much better looking body. I’m sure if you went on a cruise again, and went topless you would still have the men drooling! Ohhh, the life guard, now I was drooling over him, lol.

  5. While I don’t know that I could do that, I applaud you if you’re comfortable enough to do it. I hope you have a great trip, whether you’re clothed or not! πŸ˜‰

  6. I think it’s great you are so confident in your body – scarily I’ve never even owned a bikini, my own body image is something I’ve never been happy with. I’m 42 now and after 5 children, a hernia and leg operation I have no misplaced ideas about ever getting back some dream figure, but I do wish I’d been happier with what I had as a teenager, because there really was nothing wrong with my body back then, although I felt I was fat.

    1. I truly believe something happened when I started perimenopause, the imperfections in my body no longer bother me. Until you mentioned it, I completely forgot about the scar from my back surgery. This is probably one of the bonuses of changing hormones, I have become happier with my body image. I certainly do not have a dream figure, but what exactly is that? Is it the horribly thin models we see on runways or the photoshopped women on magazines, because it shouldn’t be and we have to change that now. You may not have your dream figure, and yes it gave you a hernia but it has also given you 5 beautiful children. I don’t believe you would change any of that for a better looking body.

  7. Did they name the lady in Brave after you – with the red hair and all?! I agree it would feel wonderful but I’d be far too worried about people with phone cameras to be able to relax. Skinny dipping in the dark would be another matter …. πŸ˜‰ I hope you manage to feel that freedom xx

  8. I’ve never gone totally nude, but I wouldn’t be against it. If everyone around you is nude, then it’s not really an issue. And just think – no tan lines!

  9. Well, my first visit to your blog, courtesy of Harleena, and this is the post I get to see. lol

    I don’t have “girls” to let out, but I can truthfully say that, since I know there will be pictures even if you don’t take them, I couldn’t go totally nude in public ever, and these days I’m not taking my shirt off in public either. Of course I have it easy since I don’t know how to swim, don’t need a tan, and have only ever been to one beach in my life. πŸ™‚

    1. First off thank you for visiting and commenting. You have jumped right into the thick of things with this post. Hopefully you have time to peruse my other topics which are not about nudity.

      Taking my shirt off is not a big deal too me, they are just breasts, we all have them just in different sizes. As for the bottoms, again I am okay with those going too depending on the atmosphere.

      I love swimming and swim topless frequently, so being able to swim totally nude would feel fabulous. Nude beaches are not that rare, and I think North Americans are far too hung up on the nudity issue.

      You’ve only ever been to one beach? I’m lucky we live near a lake and in the summer there is nothing better than swimming on a hot day.

  10. I’m with the Double Parent on this one Catherine! Wait until you get down there. Like you I love letting the girls out. Freedom! Can’t wait to read about your trip πŸ˜‰

  11. I think you’ll know when you get there. Perhaps sometimes you’ll be good to go in the buff and others you’ll be more comfortable with bikini bottoms on. It’ll probably depend on the crowd and the vibe but I expect it’ll be a pretty affirmative experience. : )

  12. If you’re happy with this, then why not!
    Although I’m reasonably happy with my body, it’s never been quite the same since having twins! I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with going on a nudist beach and wouldn’t want to get sand in awkward places. I’d have no problems going topless on the beach though – although not around my daughters, they’d think it was gross!

    1. Going topless is no biggy for me either. When I do swim in the pool topless, my kids also think mom is gross. Apparently it is fine for them & their friends to do this (yet it hasn’t happened) but not mom. They basically think I am weird.

  13. Power to ya gf. I’m comfortable with my body but could never go prancing around in public. Although I would mind having binoculars and watching the others from afar! LOL

  14. I would wait until I got there before making a decision. Seeing the beach and everyone else there might raise your comfort level. I was at a nudist beach in Yugoslavia (now Croatia) as a child, and there was every shape, size and age of person imaginable. Keep in mind, your husband’s already seen you in the buff and you’re likely to never see anyone on that beach ever again. πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to hearing what you decide! And how you like it, because I think you’ll do it. You seem to have an adventurous streak in you.

    1. It definitely helps that this is an adult only resort, I certainly am not comfortable to be nude around kids. I swim topless frequently in our pool, and it just feels better. We are always so tied up in bras or spanx, and to rid yourself of those things, feels so much better. Adverturous ~ always. πŸ˜‰

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