What will 2014 bring?

Happy New Year to all my blog followers and those that just drop by once in a while. It has been quite a year. I officially went self-hosted, naming my blog AlwaysARedhead. As I say on my about page, I was born a redhead, but now I have to pay for it. The day I was born, I was born with loads of strength in me and red hair. Though my body now hates me, I find strength in my red roots. Strength comes in many different forms, mine doesn’t come from the muscles in my body nor from anyone else, mine comes from my mind – my roots. If I believe it will happen, than it will.

My goals for 2014 are the usual: lose weight, eat healthier, etc., and

  • Finish my Peacock cross-stitch I started twenty-years ago (long story),
  • Start the Lion cross-stitch I received for my thirtieth birthday,
  • Work on the novel I would love to write,
  • Relearn how to speak French,
  • and ultimately

  • Visit the Twitter friends that have become real friends, though this last one may take a few years to accomplish.

Here’s hoping all your dreams come true in 2014.

Looking for my dreams

Looking for my dreams

5 thoughts on “What will 2014 bring?

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  2. Jenny @ The Brick Castle

    Aww, best of luck with your goals – I’m certain at least a couple are attainable, set a date and go meet those people – it only takes 1 person to say ‘it’s happening’ and it might just work 🙂
    Happy New Year hon x

    1. Catherine Burden Post author

      I agree totally, the only problem is, those that I would love to meet either require a long car ride, plane, or boat. Thus first I must save quite a bit of money! 🙂 Happy New Year to you Jenny, let us hope 2014 is free from health problems for you.


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