1600 kilometres and karma

As I was drinking my morning coffee and looking out our kitchen window Friday morning, I mentioned to my husband that there were a couple of hooligans that had been standing on the other side of our street for too long. Now they weren’t really hooligans but it makes the morning more interesting if you throw in a descriptive word or two. Anyways, hubby eventually went outside and starting chatting up the hooligans and as it turned out the hooligans were actually good Samaritans. They had found a dog wandering the street and had been waiting approximately 45 minutes for Animal Control to show up. Now who is the ass? So the good Samaritans didn’t have to wait any longer, hubby said we would watch the dog since we have a fenced in backyard, but oh dear what he hadn’t realized was the dog had met up with a skunk! Oh what a stink! Now this dog was exceptionally well-behaved, very docile, whereas our little beagle was barking away. Thankfully Cocoa did not end up smelling like skunk, though our hands did when we were petting the dog. Eventually Animal Control showed up and took the dog away.

Earlier in the week we had been debating our plans to drive to Lennoxville, Quebec (to move the teenage boy home from University, and visit with middle child who would be staying longer) because of the severe flooding in the town. The flood had caused the University to close for two days, deferring exams until Saturday (we finally did decide we would drive up on Saturday because the teenage boy would be finished writing before we would even arrive). This turned out to be a good idea, because it gave the river time to recede. Basically if middle child’s apartment had not been built on a hill, it would have been flooded, as it was the water came up the road at least a good five feet or more, and into the parking lot. She was cut off from the University, since it was surrounded by water, leaving the teenage boy, who lives in residence cut off from going to his sister’s place or even into town.

Below are some of the images my children took of the flooding, (note: middle child had sent me an image the first morning of the flood, which I immediately tweeted to @JayScotland at @CBCWeather (our national television station the CBC). Well doesn’t he go and air it on tv, giving me credit, middle child just gasped! lol.)

Our drive to Lennoxville on Saturday was uneventful this time, and we were able to make the drive in about nine and a half hours. Now this is with stopping at every other rest station so I can stretch and Cocoa can have a pee (traveling with a dog is just so much fun). Here he is laying on his new dog bed between the seats and then with Bear (middle child’s dog):

Cocoa in the van

Bear and Cocoa at Constance's house

Just before arriving at middle child’s apartment, we stopped at the local Provigo to pick up beer, after a nine and a half hour drive beer is a cool refreshing drink necessary, and then we were met with hugs from middle child, the teenage boy, and Bear, middle child’s dog. Before having his beer though, hubby and the teenage boy went over to his residence to load up the van for the drive home in the morning. (This is where I really contemplate whether or not hubby and I are sane? We have made this drive far too many times in two days, moving our kids back and forth). Hubby eventually returns to have a few beers and watch Wallace and Gromit with middle child.

The next morning, after phoning the teenage boy numerous times to wake him up, we are eventually off, with plans to return in two weeks time with a trailer in tow. Middle child will be giving her brother furniture for his new apartment, so it will be moved there, plus we will be bringing her bed, and various other things home, and her dog while she remains for another six weeks, moving into her friend’s apartment while attending spring school. At the end of spring school, I will not be surprised if she asks us to come and pick her up.

It was a couple of hours before I went to bed Sunday night, only to find, nothing had really changed with the teenage boy, he was still up to his old antics. Earlier he had made snarky comments about my latest twitter party win, so when I went to go to bed I found this in my bedroom:

After our exhausting weekend, hubby and I were not able to sleep in the next morning because we were taking the van in for repairs, but not before I had a few coffees and checked my lottery tickets from Saturday night’s draw. As hubby and I both checked our tickets, I said to him, oh I have 4 numbers, how much do you think I won? He replied, “oh I don’t know, maybe $80.00 or so” and as he said that, I added, “oh no, I have 5 numbers!”. I don’t quite remember how he responded but I do recall him saying he won $5.00. After checking the lottery site online, it turned out that I had won $976.50. Hubby explained that I won as a result of good karma ~ looking after the dog ~ was the reason I had won. Works for me. Then karma came back to bite me in the ass.

Hubby never tucks our quilt in at the bottom of the bed, whereas I do, so last night, after he had left for work, I went to tuck the quilt in only to find water! Our waterbed was leaking. Thank goodness two of my three kids were home. After draining the outside hose, it was hoisted up to the second floor through the window, and attached to the waterbed for draining. You would think that gravity would pull the water out, but no, the teenage boy tried to suck it out, but it is a very long hose. Eventually with some ingenuity they hooked the hose up to the shop-vac to get the water flowing. This was after we had tried to get a hold of hubby at work, because we couldn’t find the waterbed attachment for the hose to be hooked up, but then I remembered it may be in the shed with the pool supplies, and it was. Hubby phoned about ten minutes later (he loves these calls at work, where we ask him to fix something that clearly he can’t because he is at work) and we explained all was sort of well, the bed was draining out the window.

The eldest standing on waterbed

Note: Please ignore the white walls in our bedroom. Even though our second floor addition was added a eight years few years ago, painting it, is on the list of things to do.

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  1. Congrats on the win. I think you really earned it. I hope the kids appreciate you both. I would do anything for mine too. 🙂 You’ve certainly had a lot of water issues lately. Let’s hope that’s the end of it. I’ve never slept on a water bed. What are the benefits, except when it leaks?

    1. I love my waterbed. It works perfect for all my aches and pains and doesn’t cause more for me. The leaks are very, very rare. We have had a waterbed for over thirty years and I can count on one hand how many times it has leaked, all being easy to patch.

  2. Congratulations on the lottery win, but sorry about the water bed leak. Hope you got that fixed easily.

  3. What a week.

    That’s some serious flooding. Glad everyone was okay.

    Speaking of flooding, looks like you had a little one yourself. Hope that your lottery winnings will cover the repairs.

    I still say Las Vegas is a good way to spend it. Not on gambling but all the other things there is to do.

    Besos, Sarah

    1. After buying groceries (the first thing I did with my winnings), I bought some sewing supplies, material for new bedroom curtains, and a lot of paint for our room ( which I’ve waited eight for) the money is gone.

      There was a lot of water in Lennoxville, but thankfully no one was hurt.

      As for Vegas, I will leave it for you. I believe I would prefer Algonquin, which will ( soon for us. I’m happy you had a wonderful time with Shawna and made it back safely.

  4. You are a good Mom! (and Dad!) I can’t believe all that water you had to deal with. Whoa!

    I like the saga of the Egg Men. 😉 Hilarious!

    Sounds like you have awesome kids!

    You won a lotto!! Wow! Lucky ducky!

    1. The bed didn’t take too long to empty, it will be far longer when we refill it, but the worst is waiting for it to heat up. Since we are now (finally) painting our room, I don’t expect to be back in my bed for at least a week. 🙁

      The Egg-Men, oh the teenage boy and his antics.

      The lotto win was a nice surprise, we bought food, some sewing items for myself, and paint. Hubby wanted to know what he got out of the lotto win, and I explained “paint dear”, that is for both of us, since it is our room. To say the least there was a lot of laughter after that comment.

      1. Oh dear. How will your body feel about being bedless for a whole week?

        Your Egg-Men sure are cute!

        I hope hubby enjoys the paint. 😉

        1. Very, very sore. The eldest is upstairs painting away, it will be done in no time at all. I need to go shopping now for material for new curtains for our room. The old deep maroon ones just don’t mix with lilac. Hubby thinks it is pink, he is grinning and bearing it. I will post pictures when it is done.

          1. I wish you well. (Wouldn’t it be great if wishing could make it so?)

            Lilac is one of my favourite flowers and colours. 😀 I am sure it will look fabulous!

          2. Thank you Peady. I love lilacs; we have three very large bushes at the side of our house, and the aroma when they bloom is wonderful, sadly the eldest is very allergic to them.

          3. Aww. Poor goose!

            How does she deal? Just the cursing or does she have to hide inside for a few weeks every year?

          4. Ironically her summer job entails cutting grass, which she is allergic to also. She does curse my lilac’s every time she enters the yard by the side gate, curses even louder when I bring some in the house. Otherwise, she fills up on allergy medication. She did allergy needles for a number of years with no success. Thus she curses.

  5. This sounds like a crazy road trip! As I read this, I was imagining some of these things happening to us when my kids get old enough to go away to school. Thanks for sharing this post, and for giving me a glimpse into my future!

    1. You are very welcome. We had hoped two of our three that chose university would have attended the university in our own city, but c’est la vie. They have to do what is best for themselves, with mom and dad’s help of course.

  6. The things we do for our kids only seem to get crazier as they mature and leave the nest–that’s a lot of driving! How nice that they helped you solve the waterbed problem :). Congratulations on the lottery win!

  7. Oh hun, sounds like an eventful few days. Congratulations on winning the lottery, I’m guessing I already know what the money’s being spent on! If there’s any left over maybe you should stock up on wine for the stressy few weeks ahead with kids!

    1. The first thing I bought with my winnings was groceries. Now what is wrong with that picture? Though I did splurge and bought some Porterhouse steaks (very expensive) for dinner but you know what, we like the cheaper, more flavorful Skirt steak.

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