A day in the life

Yesterday morning started off with me being awaken by my alarm at 5:30 a.m. I had volunteered to phone the teenage boy to make sure he was awake. What makes a mom do this? Guilt, insanity or love as one of my twitter friends commented. I believe it is a combination of all three. Luckily though, I was able to go back to sleep whereas the teenage boy was starting his long, very long trip home for spring break.

After the teenage boy was awaken, he called for a taxi which would take him to the first bus station in Sherbrooke, Quebec. From there he would be go to Montreal, a two and a half hour ride through the Eastern Townships. Once in Montreal, he hopped on the subway to go to the next bus station, where he caught the Megabus. This bus takes him to Toronto with a stop in Kingston and can be anywhere from six to eight hours depending on traffic. Yesterday there was traffic once the bus arrived in Toronto. He did eventually arrive where the subway is not easy to locate, and taxis are nowhere, so he walked for about a half hour in the brittle cold to the last bus station. He was now only an hour away from home, and the eldest was picking him up so he wouldn’t have to catch another bus. All in all, it took him almost 14 hours to get home. Normally hubby and I would have driven to Lennoxville, Quebec to pick him and his sister (middle child) plus her dog up, but she decided to stay for break. When we do drive, it is not always faster in a car. Last time there was an accident on the highway, so in total it was a twelve-hour drive.

Once the teenage boy was home, the eldest was leaving for the weekend. Since dad was still at work, she decided to drive the van and leave it at the bus station for him. Her bus was at eight, he finished work at eight, so this was a good plan, so we thought. What happened? Well:

Text from DD: “Dad didn’t bring his car keys.”
Me: “Expletive”
DD: “He’s a tool, lol”
Me: “What can I do?”
DD: “Nothing” “I asked the bus driver to give me one minute to run to the van so I can put the key in the door for dad”
Me: “Thank God”
DD: “Driver was funny” “He’s like that took 1:03 minutes” “I said I’d be a minute”
Bus driver: “We were just discussing how to divide your bag up”
Another passenger: “I was hoping there was food”
DD: “I’m like sorry no food”
Me: “Lmao!”
DD: “And them I told the driver my pants wouldn’t fit him anyways”
Me: “I’m cracking up” Laughing so hard, I’m crying
DD: “Ahaha”
Me: “Priceless” “So you gave dad your spare key”
DD: “ya, he’s got the spare key” “I left it in the door”
Me: “Great, I hope no one steals the van”
DD: “No dad was running to the van, and he was there less than 30 secs after me”
Me: “okay, thanks for the laugh”
DD: “lol, I’m still out of breath”
Me: “It was only 1.03 minutes”
DD” “Funny, lol. A minute of sprinting”

Dad arrives home, and I am still laughing. He too is also laughing, realizing he looked like a fool running in his work boots, arms a flailing. Now if the eldest wasn’t able to leave the key for hubby, he would have had to walk up the escarpment to home and then back down again, which would have taken him an hour.

That was our day, how was yours?

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    1. We do love them, lol. Thank you for the tweet, re: guilt, insanity or love. Would you like me to add your twitter name to the sentence, or just leave it as “twitter friend”?

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