A moose on the loose

Moose in bed
This is what happens when the teenage boy hides his moose in his older sister’s bed. The following conversation occurred over cell phones as the teenage boy made his way home from work last night.

Me: By the way: The game is on.
The teenage boy: I want my moose back.
Me: I don’t have it
The teenage boy: Where did she (older sister) put it?
Me: I will give you a hint. One second….The moose is on the loose
The teenage boy: That is not a hint
Me: I’m not finished yet. “The moose is on the loose. She likes a good swim but then she is all wet.”
The teenage boy: He, it’s a he.
Me: lol
The teenage boy: You didn’t get him wet did you?
Me: She is not wet. It’s a rhyme/riddle (referring to my hint)
The teenage boy: That is not a hint.
Me: So we have “The moose is on the loose. She likes a good swim but then she is all wet.”  What do you think the next line should be?
The teenage boy: That makes no sense. I wouldn’t know (the next line) because I don’t know where he is.
Me: It makes sense to your mom. You have to think like your hormonal mom.
The teenage boy: That’s like thinking like a psychiatric patient.
Me: That’s not nice son. So you are a 52 year old hormonal woman who has witnessed an illegal activity.
The teenage boy: Illegal activity?
Me: This is what happens when you put a moose in someone else’s bed. Where she should not be.
The teenage boy: It’s amusing.
Me: So is this. I like rhyming. So let me recap, “The moose is on the loose. She likes a good swim but then she is all wet.” Do you know what comes next?
The teenage boy: No.
Me: I’m disappointed son. You have nothing? Tsk. Tsk. Maybe you will have the answer by the time you get home?
The teenage boy: Doubtful.
Me: lol. You are a smart. Just keep saying the two lines I gave you and the third should come naturally.
Moose in linen closet
Me: The moose was in the linen closet. She was all wet, so needed a towel. Makes sense, right?

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  1. How can I say this politely… No, it does not make sense at all to me. Hope I went easy enough on you.

    As for the bird under the headboard. That is just plain gross. I like that in a person.

    P.S. You are a “no reply commenter”. When you comment on peoples blogs and they have it set up to receive an email, when I try and reply to your email, your address appears as “no-reply commenter”. To make it reply to you, you need to add your email address somewhere in Google. Not sure how, Google it. If you receive emails then try and reply to this comment and you’ll see that my email address comes up. Right? If not, when you find the link on how to change it, can you send it to me šŸ˜‰

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    1. The bird under the headboard – I think I will have to write a blog post to explain how it happened – lol.

      In regards to the “no reply commenter”, I believe I have fixed it, thanks Sarah.

    1. Having teenagers can be loads of fun! The main ingredients for a good relationship with them is humour, honesty, and communication. With those 3 ingredients all should go well. šŸ™‚

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