A Reindeer for a Christmas present?

Receiving Christmas presents at our house is always quite exciting, sometimes you just have no idea what the present is, because it has been wrapped in disguise. This year, our eldest daughter’s boyfriend gave us a gift that appeared to be a reindeer.

Christmas Reindeer
Christmas Reindeer

He brought the present over in the afternoon, then told me I could not open it until my husband arrived home from work, which was hours. So for the rest of the day I eyed the reindeer, picked it up, but didn’t shake it, because it was quite heavy, all well trying to figure out what on earth was inside of it. Finally the time came, my husband arrived home and I was allowed to open it. This is what we found:

I can only wait now for next years present. The reindeer will be packed away and used as a Christmas decoration for the years to come.

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