A true empty nest summer

Matt and I on one of our summer walks
Matt and I on one of our summer walks

The summer is over and a different summer it was for my husband and I. This was the first time in twenty-seven years where not one of our children spent the hot summer days at home. The eldest has lived in her own place for a couple of years now, middle child is off on the other side of the world (home in less than ninety days now), and the youngest was able to get summer employment with the university he attends, thus it only made sense he would continue living away from home. The youngest did come home for a week in August, and really milked the “I am on vacation” attitude.

Our summer was spent with me working in my vegetable garden, drying herbs for the winter, canning, and swimming pretty much every day. When my husband wasn’t working, he spent his time re-building his shed from the ground up, and erecting a deck around the new pool. There was no camping this year, or canoeing, which I missed horribly. We did spend a few days in Quebec visiting our son, and after his vacation at home, I drove him back to university. This meant, it would be just me and our two dogs on the return trip. It took me two days to get home. The first day I drove for about five hours with loads of rest stops, laying in the back of the van with the dogs. I then stopped at my friend’s house for the night, knowing I would not be able to make the entire drive in one day. The next day, what is normally about a four-hour drive, if I was with my husband, took me ten hours. My legs kept going numb making driving difficult, so again I stopped at every OnRoute, for a nap. Thank goodness both our dogs are great travellers, as long as you give them walks at the rest stops, otherwise they both happily lay beside me while I rest.

Another reason we weren’t able to go anywhere this summer was due to my migraines. Ever since I started menopause, my migraines have become unmanageable. After keeping track of them for four months, it seems I was/am getting about fifteen plus a month. Due to the magnitude of them, the specialist believes I am a good candidate for Botox treatment, so in a couple of weeks, I will be stuck with approximately thirty needles in my head and neck area. One bonus of the treatment, is she promises to remove the wrinkle, well actually indentation between my eyebrows. Of course my husband doesn’t notice the wrinkle, he says he sees me like the day he met me when I was twenty-two. Such a nice guy or a good liar? I think I will believe “nice guy”.

How was your summer?

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  1. Migraines absolutely suck. Full stop.

    Did you have a higher humidity where you live this summer? I found the excessive humidity in Halifax almost unbearable at times. (I have managed migraines since my 20s and have a pretty good record for keeping them at bay, but even I succumbed this summer. Boo.)

    How’s the Botox working out for you?

    1. We have terrible humidity here in southern Ontario. Thank goodness for the pool this summer, it is the only think that made the weather bearable, at the same time, I do like it when the temperature is 40C.

      I had my first Botox injections this morning, I may not notice a difference for about six weeks. If it does work, I’m looking at Botox every 3 months. Ugh. Yet if it works, I will be beyond happy.

  2. Hope the Botox clears up your migraines, Cathy. My summer has been one of constant house renovation. Thank goodness the end is in sight. 🙂

  3. Migraines, yuk. that must be pretty miserable for you. Hope the Botox helps. I’m very impressed with your productive summer. You really are a domestic goddess!

    1. Oh if you had seen the dust in the house though! The migraines have truly been horrible this summer. I do hope the Botox works because right now there isn’t much left medicationwise for me.

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