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A visit from my Welsh Penpal Twitter friend

Three years ago, one of my Twitter followers (Suzanne) put out a request asking if anyone wanted to write letters back and forth, in essence become penpals. I figured what the heck, if it didn’t work out, we could just stop writing. Well it did, and over the three years we have become good friends. Now my Welsh Twitter friend who is currently residing in Dubai, is in Canada visiting me for three weeks.  She has just recently moved to Dubai from South Africa, leading an Expat life with her husband.

I’m not exactly sure how it started, either way, I ended up dressed in a homemade tutu (thank you middle child for your assistance), and really bold tights to wear to the airport to pick-up Suzanne aka @Chickenruby. The young man drove me, and stood by me in a very crowded waiting area, as we scanned for the other woman dressed in a tutu. (The young man is very used to his mother’s antics so is quite comfortable standing beside me when I look ridiculous). Dressed in a tutu to meet Suzanne at the airport

Picture of Suzanne and I

Suzanne has been a wonderful visitor to have here, and has easily fit in with the family. She is quite aware that I can only do so much, and need my rest (I can also tell her to ‘bugger off’ if I need my space), so with a bus pass she wonders off for the day to explore.

Suzanne and Bear our dog on the hammock
Bear loves the hammock, so even though he had only known Suzanne for a day, he easily climbed on and sat beside her.

British bunting decorating our backyard
British bunting decorating our backyard for middle child’s 23rd birthday.

Yesterday we had a lovely visit at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

Suzanne at the Royal Botanical Gardens
At the Royal Botanical Gardens.

At the RGB taking a picture

Lantana flower
Lantana flower

Picture of a fountain

How far has your Twitter/Penpal traveled to meet up with you?

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  1. Meeting a penpal? 0 miles … meeting a Twitter friend? Zero miles because I don’t have a Twitter account … but I can remember only meeting one blogger, but I drove to him (3+ hours). Cheers to her visiting you.

  2. How exciting to meet for real! I’ve met three of my blogging pals over the past 3 years – that was a real treat so I know just how you feel. LOVE the tutu! you look fabulous in it. I’d wear one every day if I had the legs 😉

    1. I’ve met two from afar, Suzanne, and Emma from when hubby and I visited Jamaica a few years ago. It is definitely a treat! The tutu was a lot of fun, I will save it for another time.

  3. I’ve travelled all the way to Hamilton to meet up with one of my Twitter friends! Maybe you know her @alwaysaredhead!?

    Glad to hear that you two are enjoying yourselves. Can’t wait to hear about more of the antics and challenges like the new bus driver on the route…

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    1. I can’t wait to see you, your husband and those adorable children of yours again. I loved meeting all of you.

      She found her way home, she is a very adept traveler.

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