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AlwaysARedhead is written by Catherine Burden, a mother of three young adults and a wife, currently residing in southeastern Ontario, Canada. Her eldest graduated from college in Architecture Construction Engineering Technology, and is currently working as an Engineer. The eldest child is married, and has recently made me a Grandmother! Middle child graduated from university with a double major in Environmental Studies & Geography with a minor in Sports Studies. Next was school for Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Then an experience of a lifetime, middle child went to South Korea for a year to teach English as a Second Language. She is currently working as a Geospatial Infrastructure Systems Analyst. The youngest, no longer a teenage boy, but a young man graduated from university with a degree in Classical Antiquities. He is currently working in archaeology.

If she had her way, Catherine would spend the entire summer camping in the back-country of Ontario’s Algonquin Provincial Park. Since she is unable to live in the Algonquin wilderness full-time, she spends her free time mastering sourdough, tending to her vegetable garden, doing woodworking, practising yoga, and spending time with her two rescue dogs, Bear, a Doberman Shepherd mix, and Zeus, an Anatolian Shepherd.

Zeus and Bear
Zeus, 6 months is standing in front of Bear, 7 years old.

She no longer has the ability to work because, in her own words, “I was born a redhead, but now I have to pay for it; my intellect still thinks, but my body fails me.” Catherine has been involved in numerous car accidents. The first one happened on April 27, 1979, when a city bus she was travelling in was suddenly hit by five cars. The second collision occurred on May 6, 1979, when a city bus collided with a truck (again she was a passenger on the bus). On May 6th, 1983, she was involved in her third car accident when a car doing donuts crashed into the side of the car she & her father were riding in. Thereafter, I had years of physical therapy and massage. Pain medications, muscle relaxants, etc., followed by a fourth accident (May 1989), in where she and her husband were rear-ended when she was seven months pregnant.

Her first back operation happened when she was forty years old, and then a second operation occurred two years later. She endured additional nerve damage and agony as a result of both surgeries that went wrong. She experiences constant numbness and tingling from the waist down in addition to chronic pain, muscle spasms, and falls frequently. Because of the nerve damage in her lower back that is causing the tingling and numbness, she finds that sitting for more than ten minutes is excruciatingly painful. Additionally, she has degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis in her hands, lower back, and joints, fibromyalgia, mayofascial pain syndrome, multiple bulging discs in her neck, and menopause has been kind enough to give her chronic migraines.

She is thankful for a very patient husband, and three beautiful kids.

Life goes on, it is just altered.

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