Am I the glue?

glustickYesterday I decided to make my own pita bread, it is pretty easy to do but very labour intensive. So I am covered in dough and flour when the phones rings, luckily hubby is home to answer it, god knows what would have happened if we had let the machine get it (all three of our children will then ring my cell, and if I don’t answer all hell breaks loose). I side-track though, hubby answers the phone and it is middle child, she needs to talk to mom NOW! Hubby brings me the extra phone, to which I yell “I just texted you not two minutes ago and said I was busy making bread!” She did not like my answer and did not want to deal with her father. I told him to say, that unless she is having some sort of medical emergency and is in hospital I will talk to her later. This was not the answer she wanted and promptly hung up on her father.

Soon after finishing the bread, I text our daughter, and tell her that she will have to learn to work with her father. Her response, a flat NO. I text her back “well I won’t always be here”. There is no response to my text, so I assume all is fine. The next day she phones me quite upset. How dare I say “well I won’t always be here”! I backtrack my thoughts, realizing she would have assumed the worse with that text, so I say things like “well I may be in the washroom”, or “I just might be busy”.  Both Iame answers but I couldn’t think of anything else at the moment, because in reality I may not always be here, though I am not planning it anytime soon.

Which brings me to my point “Am I the glue?” Nine out of ten calls from our three children, the call is usually for me, unless one of them needs the name of a song, or something that requires the use of some tool, then they will ask for dad. As mom, I plan all activities, do the banking for the kids, schedule their doctor or dentist appointments, plan our vacations, solve their computer related problems, etc. Would the household fall apart if I wasn’t here, probably not, but everyone would have to relearn their rolls and right now, mine is the glue.

Are you the glue?

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  1. All families need a glue … although, just like Home Depot, there are all kinds of glues, and each works differently. …. and thanks for finding your way to my blog (whatever the path).

    1. I love your analogy, all families do need different types of glue, just like Home Depot. 🙂

      While in reader, there were suggested blogs to read, yours was one of them, and I am sure I will come back to it.

      1. Thanks for letting me know how you found me … and I had no clue I popped up in someone’s reader! Do you recall the category? (If not, that’s OK)

        I have a respectful place … as I see you do. My topics are all over the map with Mon, Wed, Fri being on the same pattern … and Saturday Morning Cartoons (which isn’t every Saturday). Oh well … just a little for you to ponder.

        1. On the right side of reader, under topics, there is usually a list of sites you may like and yours with a few others were listed, you can cross one out and another is suggested.

          I normally blog once a week, on some occasions twice. Thank you for saying my site was a respectful place. As you may have noticed, I blog about my life, sometimes there is laughter, sometimes tears, and maybe sometimes, someone can learn from my experience(s). It’s just nice if someone visits twice (just a little ponder for you :-)).

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you are falling apart now. Perhaps it is time for you to become the glue? I’m sure you would be able to take the role over.

  2. Every time hubs does something totally random and frustrating, I go into overdrive and start wondering what would happen to my kids if I wasn’t here any more. In reality, I’m guessing that after a few months of total mayhem, they’d all get there act together and get along fine. It’s the assumed roles we’ve taken on as mothers that establish their requirement for their mother. Secretly though – isn’t it lovely being the one they always want…?

    1. That too is my biggest worry but after a few months, a new normal will emerge and I’m sure they will all be fine. In the meantime, I am quite happy with the role and responsibilities I have, even when the phone rings non-stop.

  3. Oh yes, I’m the glue. I have no doubt my family would get along fine without me, but it took me about two and half years to get to this point of apparent organization and control so that there isn’t just mass chaos in my house in each day. I’m pretty sure things would be tough if the glue dried up in our house 😉 Good post.

    1. I love how you say “it took me about two and a half years to get to this point of apparent organization and control”. That is the key to the glue. Without organization, things would be crazy in my house also and if it dried up? Chaos would ensue for sure.

  4. I’ve always believed that parenthood is the sum total and that two parents (equal but different) make up that sum total. Each parent has a different role, different strengths, and different weaknesses than the other and that together they complement each other to make up a parenting whole.

    1. I completely agree, my husband is wonderful, and everything between us is equally shared. I certainly do not want to diminish his role in the family. I just find it amazing, that every time one of our children phones, they want to talk with mom.

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