The annual Christmas tree hunt – you’ve been voted off the island

For the past nine years or so we have been going to our local Christmas tree farm in order to chop down a tree to grace our living room (we are not in agreement for the actual number of times we have cut a tree down). Over the years we have had trees of various heights and widths, but this year we seemed to have outdone ourselves with the height of the tree. The blue tag on the tree told us it was over 8 feet tall. The other members of the family were not thrilled that I wanted such a large tree, well actually just my husband and son, since they were the ones left with the responsibility of cutting the tree down, carrying it to be tied up, and then paid for. I wanted such a tall tree, so hubby could cut off approximately two feet, in order for me to be creative and make a couple of wreaths for our front and side doors.

Well walking towards the area where we would eventually find a tree, there are a number of places you can take silly pictures (silly only because we are all adults).

After the snapshot of us being snowman, middle child sent the picture to her sister, with the caption “you have been voted off the island”.  The eldest was the brunt of many jokes during our Christmas tree hunting, and was blamed for our past difficulties with picking a tree, especially since we agreed in record time this year.

There were not a lot of trees left on the farm, making it necessary for us to walk quite a long way. The main rule for choosing a tree is we all must be in agreement. Trying to have five individuals agree on the right tree is not an easy task, though this year, there were only the four of us, since the eldest moved out (she had taken her boyfriend to the same Christmas tree farm a week earlier).

After choosing our tree, and placing it in the van (yes it did fit, though the stump was beside me in the front seat), we headed over to their Christmas store so we could each buy ourselves a gift. Hubby chose a bird for his Christmas bird collection, the young man a fire truck ornament, I, a snowman, and middle child picked a lovely plate I had been admiring. When we arrived home, she gave me the Christmas plate.

Hubby’s new addition is the bird hanging from the Blue Jay. The Cardinal which he purchased last year, chirps when you walk by, driving all of us crazy, except of course my husband. Surprisingly the chirping doesn’t even faze the dogs.

Last is a picture of the Christmas wreath, which is a work in progress (please excuse the mess in the basement). It too may be a tad large!


Attempting to make a Christmas wreath.
Attempting to make a Christmas wreath.
The finished Christmas wreath.
The finished Christmas wreath on our side gate.

9 Replies to “The annual Christmas tree hunt – you’ve been voted off the island”

    1. Yes, us Canadians do know how to have fun! Frank, the tree is in the house now, middle child and I are saying ‘what were we thinking’, it is the oddest looking tree ever, and much smaller than we usually have!

  1. Aww, I’m jealous, I’ve got serious Christmas tree envy going on here. The Spanish don’t seem to get so excited about decorating their homes with trees and glitz as we do. There is a rather pathetic string of Christmas lights hung across the tiny main street in the village loudly proclaiming ‘Feliz Navidad’ except the bulbs on the first ‘a’ in navidad are missing so read that as ‘nvidad’ 🙂 guess it’s better than a slap in the face with a wet fish……

    1. Oh I would probably be decorating my house as much as I could, and maybe the rest of the Spanish population would then see how much enjoyment there is in it. Yes, I would not want to be slapped with a wet would hurt. lol

  2. It’s a fabulous tree Catherine…. I can’t wait to see a snap of it all decorated. Love the places to take silly photos… we don’t have anything like that at our local Christmas tree farm. Well done on making your own wreath, it’s lovely.

    1. After bringing the tree in the house yesterday, my daughter and I both said “What were we thinking?” It is quite odd looking, but once it is decorated we won’t even see it. It is actually smaller in width then what we usually have so I’m not sure if all our decorations will fit. lol

      The wreath was a lot harder to make than I had thought, but it turned out well for the side gate. Thank you.

  3. You actually go and cut down your own tree! Wow, that’s interesting. Believe it or not we do have Christmas trees (or something close) in Jamaica (they grow up in the mountains where it’s cooler) and they’re on sale in Kingston now. We haven’t bothered the last couple of years since it’s only two of us.

    1. Lots of people cut their own tree here, the Christmas tree farm is always packed. I could never go without a tree, I love the fragrant smell, and all the memories each decoration brings back when we hang them. All have to be present for that to happen, which is a lot of fun. Do have any sort of decorations up in the house?

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