Canoeing with dogs is not easy

The dogs in different canoes
Cocoa is with the teenage boy and I, Bear is with middle child and my husband.

On Sunday I had this wonderful idea that we would all go canoeing and this time we would bring our dogs with us. Now Cocoa who is over nine years old, weighs around fifty pounds, loves to swim (hates baths, must be the clean water) but has never been in our canoe before. Bear, middle child’s dog is two years old and weighs about eighty pounds has also never been in a canoe. At first we thought it would be best to have one dog in each canoe because of their weight. Just before we headed further out onto the water, Bear actually jumped out of the canoe he was in, then proceeded to jump back in, how he didn’t topple everyone was very surprisingly.

As we started to paddle, Cocoa was not at all happy being in a canoe without Bear, my husband and middle child, who spoils both dogs. So there we were trying to keep the two canoes aligned so Cocoa could jump from one to the other. Again, how we didn’t topple from the weight of the dogs. Cocoa finally stopped barking but was not completely sure about this canoeing thing, Bear on the other hand, just seemed to stand and look around. With the added weight of both dogs, my husband did find it difficult to paddle, middle child could not give him a hand because they were unsure if Cocoa would jump out, so she basically had to hold him for most of the ride. After a while the dogs did calm down and we were able to have a lovely afternoon of canoeing. The even nicer thing about Princess Point, it is only a fifteen minute drive from home.

Bear standing in canoe
Bear standing in the canoe, and with his shifting weight, made it difficult at times to paddle.
The eldest and her kayak
The eldest and her kayak
The teenage boy and I
The teenage boy and I.
The teenage boy and I further out  on the water.
The teenage boy and I further out on the water at Princess Point, fifteen minutes from home.
DH & middle child & the dogs who are finally sitting.
Both dogs finally sitting in the canoe.
The eldest was in charge of pictures.
The eldest was in charge of snapping pictures. You can just see the name Belugavieve (her nickname) on her kayak.
All the ducks are in a row.
Seven ducks all lined up on a log near the shore.

Princess Point is a gem in Hamilton, Ontario and on Sunday there were many paddlers out on the water.

21 Replies to “Canoeing with dogs is not easy”

  1. Ash the Dog says – Wow!! What lucky doggies you guys are to ride in a canoe. I went on a boat once with Mum and Dad It was paw-some fun and I got lots of fuss form all the other passengers!! #animaltales

  2. I really don’t think I’d dare take our dogs canoeing – it would simply be something else for Saari (think big dog, scared of everything from the hoover to the vet) to be scared of and I am sure bouncy Harry would not sit still. Do you think they enjoyed it?

    Many thanks for linking this watery canine tale up to #AnimalTales

  3. I also had the fun experience of canoeing, well kayaking in my case, but with a much smaller dog. All was going well until Dagny spotted a duck about 5 feet from our kayak and she just HAD to try to go after it. She was wearing a life vest but the shock of the water made her forget all about the duck who flew away, laughing I’m sure. That was the first and last time we went kayaking together! But I’d give it another go. πŸ˜‰

  4. Princess Point, what a wonderful name – it sounds almost Barbie-esque. I’ve not been in a canoe for years but I know what fun it is – not sure what Mr C.Snout would make of it, he’s a bit of a wimp. I did laugh when you said that it was only 15 minutes from home – I take it that’s a good thing? πŸ™‚

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