Rental Agreement

Well that time has arrived again, middle child, the “young adult” has moved out. She has secured herself full-time employment in another city approximately forty-five minutes away. Her new job is with the same company her older sister works at, so naturally the older sister (and her boyfriend) offered her a room in their home.  Before the younger sister could officially move in, the older sister had to come up with a rental agreement for the younger sister to sign. Here is the “Residential Tenancy Agreement” middle child signed:

Rental Agreement
Rental agreement between the eldest, her boyfriend & middle child.

2 daughters, 2 separate car accidents, same day

Last month, there was one particularly very stressful day. It started off as any Monday would, the husband was off at work, the eldest (who lives an hour away) was also at work, middle child was visiting friends a couple of hours away, and our son who attends university in another province, was happily in class, well maybe not happily. For myself, the day started off with a migraine, so I was spending my time on the chesterfield in and out of sleep.

Then it started. First was the phone call from the eldest, mom, I’ve been in a car accident. She had been stopped at a red light, having finished work for the day, when she was rear-ended. Numerous thoughts raced through my mind. Thankfully, through her tears, she said she wasn’t hurt, just the car. I asked if she needed me to immediately drive to her, but she replied no, her boyfriend was on his way.

Then, the second phone call, about an hour and a half later. Middle child had been on the highway, when she hit a patch of ice causing her to lose control of our van for a few seconds. She first slid into the guard-rail, bouncing off of it, crossing two lanes, down into the ditch, heading for the other side of the separated highway. Luckily her reflexes kicked in, enabling her to regain control of the vehicle, turning the wheels just enough that she was once again headed to the correct side of the highway, driving back up out of the ditch. Somehow, she too was not hurt, as she cried through her tears telling me what had just occurred. The guard-rail was fine, but the passenger side of the van was horribly dented. Amazingly she was able to drive the van home.

There was too much damage to the van for it to be repaired. The most important thing though, was our daughter was alright. Vehicles can be replaced, people cannot not.

Did you get the “extended warranty?”

There is never, ever a dull moment in our house. Sometimes there are tears, and sometimes there is a whole lot of laughter.

Yesterday I signed for a package for middle child. I had no idea what I was signing for, but since she signs for my mail, I figured I would return the favour, saving her a trip to the post office. Well little did I know what was in the long, rectangular shaped box – I couldn’t even fathom a guess, I would just have to wait until she returned home from running errands. I did send her a text telling her mail had arrived for her from China. She responded with not Turkey? Turkey, I say? Her reply “nvm” (never mind, for those of you who aren’t up-to-date on texting shortcuts).

About an hour or so later, as hubby and I are in the kitchen preparing for dinner, middle child returns home, and I give her the “package”. Being so ever curious, I ask what she has ordered. Well, as she bursts out laughing, she tells me it’s a “Bluetooth vibrator”. OMFG! You mean, I signed for a Bluetooth vibrator? Geez, laughter, lots and lots of laughter from all three of us. She goes on to explain how she was with her friends, a few drinks too many, on Amazon, and lo and behold the Bluetooth vibrator caught her attention, and well she is almost 25 and doesn’t have a boyfriend at this current time. Plus, she said her friend bought one too, then she reminded me about the vibrator she found in my dresser drawer. Oops.

Of course dad jokingly asks “did you get the extended warranty?” ROTFLMAO!

Note: A healthy sex life is a good thing, and more importantly if you can talk to your kids about sex, you have a great relationship.