How many of us adults behave like children?

In just less than a week I will be attending Blissdom Canada 2013, with hopes that it will be a wonderful time. One of the first things that comes to mind, is the number of people who will not know anyone. Sure people have chatted on Facebook and Twitter, but you really don’t know them. When it comes to meeting people face to face, anxiety makes an appearance for some of us. We may enter a large room, see many a round table, some people will already be seated and we will wonder where to sit. I, myself, usually choose a table at the back of the room just because it is physically easier for me, but most people tend to go to the front of the room.

At the beginning of September this year, the start of the school year for those of us that live in Ontario, Canada, Toronto Police Officer Chris Boddy send out a wonderful tweet:

School Tweet

As adults we behave quite similar to our children, we will enter the room, do a quick scan for someone we know, and we will glance over that person sitting alone, not thinking anything of it. Now this is not to say, that the person sitting alone, isn’t also waiting for someone, but there is always one who isn’t and just like children, will sit there quietly, maybe pretending to read the agenda for the second/third time. So this time when you enter the room, maybe say hello, ask if the person would like to join you at your table, it’s really that easy.