Trying something new

On the advice of my friend Suzanne, I’m tried something new today.  What did I do different? First I took my rarely used bicycle out of the shed, secured my helmet, and rode off to the local mall. Well I actually had to turn around at the corner and go back home, the back tire was deflated. Unlock gate, unlock house, route in jar of numerous keys for shed key, find key ring with numerous keys – forcing me to try one of many again to unlock shed, find tire pump, pump like mad woman so nozzle can fall off tire thingamajig numerous times, finally re-inflate tire, return pump to shed, lock shed, return keys to house, lock house, lock gate, ride off into sunset to mall.

Finally on my way, I debate riding on the sidewalk (which is illegal) vs the road. Decide on the road, only to almost get taken out by driver who obviously hates bike riders. After my near death experience I arrived at the mall. I go to the Bulk Barn to buy some steel-cut oats (one has to stay regular healthy), and dog treats. Eventually I grab a coffee and breakfast so I can sit down and write. In truth, I went to the mall for the sole intention of writing. It seems sitting at my computer lately just draws blanks.

These past three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity at our house with Suzanne visiting. I have played the tourist with her, as we toured the RGB (Royal Botanical Gardens), The Hamilton Farmer’s Market, Cootes Paradise, Lindsay Ontario, Aylmer Ontario, Port Dover Ontario, and Niagara Falls Ontario. On bad chronic pain days for me, Suzanne went out on her own walking – and boy can that woman walk, 14 kilometres one day alone! (Note: Suzanne came over quite aware, that there would be days, she would have to go it alone while I rested). Middle child graciously did fill in for me a number of times, taking Suzanne to the mall, and for a walk at Albion Falls.

The visit to Aylmer and Port Dover (where our grandmother used to live) was on the invitation of my sister, who was interested in checking out some handmade Mennonite dining room tables. Afterwards, she thought it would be nice to have lunch on the beach in Port Dover. So on a very raining Saturday, my sister drove into town to pick us up. With umbrella’s on hand (I borrowed my husband one and only, supposedly favourite umbrella, which was later turned inside out, and left broken by an extremely strong wind gust, that amazingly left me unscathed (did he ask me that – Nooo!)) Anyways, the furniture was gorgeous, though nothing was purchased, except of course slippers by me, that middle child keeps trying to steal (payback for hubby’s umbrella?)

It seemed the rain was not going to let up, nevertheless it did not put a damper on our lunch, the scene reminded my Wales-born friend of home.

Picture of the rain hitting the restaurant window.
Before you ask, I have no idea why the restaurant decided to plant palm trees on the beach.

The bed frame and weak bladder

This past weekend we drove middle child and her puppy back to university. After an eleven and a half hours of driving we were exhausted, but hubby still had to move all her belongings back into the apartment she is renting. Middle child went to open up the apartment door which neither her nor her roommate had occupied since the end of April. When she walked in she was hit with a blast of heat, her roommate had apparently left the heat on at thirty celsius, and to make matters worse, someone had left two Tupperware containers of goodness knows what rotting under the couch. The smell was stifling! Immediately we opened all the windows and screen door. After an hour of moving her belongings, resting with a cold beer or two, it was time to hit the sack. Middle child kindly gave us her bed to sleep in. The room was still boiling so I nicely gave hubby the side close to the window, which in hindsight was a bad move since I have a very weak bladder and am usually up three or four times a night to visit the washroom.

When I woke the first time, I did not want to crawl over hubby since he was finally sleeping soundly, bad mistake, because for middle child’s birthday we had purchased her a lovely, but large metal bed frame. The bed frame was a perfect fit for her box spring and mattress but also meant it was quite high off the ground. If you happen to remember learning to ride your first boys bike, you will of course remember the medal bar from the seat to the handle bars. So with that in mind, I am trying to crawl over the large, though beautiful metal frame, only to find that the ground is a lot further than my foot can reach. I slip, screaming as my privates are slammed into the bed frame, and now of course, since I have had three children, my bladder is not as tight as it should be, leakage occurs. Hubby naturally awakens asking what the hell I am trying to do? I mumble some very strong curse words as I hobble to the washroom with a change of clothes. When I eventually make it back to bed, hubby has nicely moved to the wall side, so I can easily exit the bed the next time I get up.

Photo courtesy of Ikea