2 daughters, 2 separate car accidents, same day

Last month, there was one particularly very stressful day. It started off as any Monday would, the husband was off at work, the eldest (who lives an hour away) was also at work, middle child was visiting friends a couple of hours away, and our son who attends university in another province, was happily in class, well maybe not happily. For myself, the day started off with a migraine, so I was spending my time on the chesterfield in and out of sleep.

Then it started. First was the phone call from the eldest, mom, I’ve been in a car accident. She had been stopped at a red light, having finished work for the day, when she was rear-ended. Numerous thoughts raced through my mind. Thankfully, through her tears, she said she wasn’t hurt, just the car. I asked if she needed me to immediately drive to her, but she replied no, her boyfriend was on his way.

Then, the second phone call, about an hour and a half later. Middle child had been on the highway, when she hit a patch of ice causing her to lose control of our van for a few seconds. She first slid into the guard-rail, bouncing off of it, crossing two lanes, down into the ditch, heading for the other side of the separated highway. Luckily her reflexes kicked in, enabling her to regain control of the vehicle, turning the wheels just enough that she was once again headed to the correct side of the highway, driving back up out of the ditch. Somehow, she too was not hurt, as she cried through her tears telling me what had just occurred. The guard-rail was fine, but the passenger side of the van was horribly dented. Amazingly she was able to drive the van home.

There was too much damage to the van for it to be repaired. The most important thing though, was our daughter was alright. Vehicles can be replaced, people cannot not.

Update on my husband’s breast lump

Today we received the results of my husband’s mammogram, and it is good news. Hubby does not have breast cancer, he has Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia according to the Mayo clinic is enlarged breast tissue. There are many different reasons for Gynecomastia and in my husband’s case, it would appear it was caused by the steroids he was prescribed after his bike – car accident.

A couple of years ago, hubby was on his way home from a nice bike ride when an SUV pulled out in front of him. Hubby and his bike hit the side of the SUV, which resulted in him flying over the front hood of the vehicle landing hard on the cement sidewalk. We were not home when the accident occurred a block away from our house. There were many witnesses to the accident who wanted to call an ambulance but hubby was stubborn and decided to walk him and his bicycle home. When I arrived home later, I found hubby soaking in our swimming pool. He refused to go to the hospital and boy did I yell at him, until he finally agreed to see our doctor the next day. He was wearing a helmet when he was hit, but after such a trauma, a doctor should be seen because not all injuries are obvious. So the next day, x-rays and ultrasounds were done to make sure there were no fractures in his hip or elbow. The tests showed that he didn’t break anything, he just had many bumps and bruises. (I have some really nice pictures of the injury but I thought it was best not to show his butt, someone may be offended, though I do think his ass bum is quite cute!)

The results of the tests showed hubby had something called a hematoma, a collection of blood under the skin. After a course of prescribed steroids, the hematoma did not decrease, so the doctor tried to drain it. A very large needle was stabbed numerous times into the hip, but nothing came out. He would just have to wait until it disappeared on its own. Two years later, the hematoma is still there on his hip, though very small now, yet as a result of the steroids he has Gynecomastia. We have decided that the best course of action in his case is to have surgery because it will get larger over time and I really don’t want hubby to have to borrow one of my bras!

The drive and the puppy

The other day we had the pleasure of driving our daughter back to university. This is not a particularly fun drive because of the length but it is beautiful, especially when you are on the other side of Montreal, in the Eastern Townships. One of the fun things about the drive, is the lack of working electronic devices. Sure I can still receive text messages but I have no internet, thus no Twitter, no Google+, no Facebook, and no e-mail. What do we do? On the way there, we had another friend with us, who we were dropping off in Kingston, so there was loads of conversation. We also had my daughter’s (middle child) new puppy with us, so it was a must that we stopped every two hours for pee breaks.

When we arrived in Kingston, middle child and I went for our own washroom breaks in our friends apartment. My husband stayed outside with the puppy. Now he hasn’t been impressed that middle child got herself a dog especially since we are her financiers while she attends university. This was about to change. The puppy is a chick magnet! It seems that while we were upstairs relieving ourselves, hubby and the new puppy were socializing with many a lovely lady who happened to walk by, we found him with one of them. His attitude about the puppy is slowly changing and he is now thinking that we should get another dog, for our dog, he says. At the next stop, again hubby stays with puppy while middle child and I go into the rest station. This time, however there are no lovely ladies, just male truck drivers stopping by and admiring the puppy. Hubby appears to be okay with this, he is warming to the dog, who just happens to be very adorable.

Middle child with Cocoa and Bear (puppy)