My husband’s hobbies

My husband has a problem , he can’t sit still,  so when he is not at work, he is busily doing things around the house. Years ago, while our eldest was on a school trip in France, the other two children and me were visiting my brother in Barbados, hubby stayed home to take care of our two dogs, work and stain the new staircase. He has refinished many pieces of furniture for me and together the two of us have upholstered a couch and love seat. He loves his flower garden but not my vegetable garden, though he will till it for me, and help plant the different veggies he doesn’t particularly care for.  His newest project has him building and designing ceramic tables for our patio. He has had practice for this, he made a ceramic tile design on our old kitchen table, which now hangs on our living room wall as art (much to the chagrin of the teenage boy). The old kitchen table, which took hubby six months to create:

Our kitchen table (1024x664)

The new ceramic table, (not grouted yet):

Matt's ceramic table

The layout for the second table:

Table under construction

I have no idea what his next project will be, but we are running out of leftover tiles.

Update, tiling finished (tiles purchased from the ReStore – Habitat for Humanity), just waiting for base to be painted:

ceramic tables (1024x592)