Dinner with our children

Dinner with the kids

Our eldest, who lives an hour away, while attending college, was able to come home for dinner last week. The other two, who attend university in another province weren’t, so we did the next best thing – we used Skype. Though when our son found out we were having steak, he was not impressed since it is his favourite meal, middle child was not particularly happy with our meal either, her favourite being the roasted potatoes. Mom was happy, everyone was together.

When the students move back home for the summer

Currently hubby and I have two daughters in higher education, so at the end of August, we move one daughter an hour away and the other to another province – ten to twelve hours away, depending on traffic. Then when the school year ends we reverse the process, and move them back home for the summer. I love having my girls at home, but we have also gotten used to there just being three of us and one dog in the house. There is not as much dirt, dishes, the three of us have our routines down pat when all of a sudden there are five of us again plus another dog, and the routine is thrown out the door. Chores are reassigned but don’t really seem to get done unless I, the mom does a load of screaming, freaking out, or tries to do it myself, at which point I end up in pain, sometimes not being able to move for days. Why you ask does that happen? Well the girls are adults, and things change. They have their own routines, their own second homes, and now at my home they tend to think they are guests (gosh, they will not like me for that comment). 

At dinner the other day, I mentioned that I would like to sell our house and move to the country, where I can raise chickens and sunbathe in the nude (yes, I am a bit weird), but boy was I not ready for the response that I received. Middle child said this is not a house but a home mom, also I am not finished school yet, and when I am I will be moving back home again. The eldest said no, you’re not selling, period. The teenage boy was not happy at all, he will not let us sell unless of course he is buying it (okay, he is just starting university in the fall, so buying the house isn’t going to happen for a very long time). It appears we will not be moving any time soon, so hopefully people start doing their assigned chores on a regular basis, so my house is semi-clean.

It’s that time of year again – OSAP

It is that time of year again when middle & low income students complete the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) application, so they can hopefully have some sort of money to go to college/university in the fall. It is a good program, in that it does allow for students who otherwise would not be able to attend higher education because of their financial situation. Now, I would venture to say there are quite a few middle-income parents who cannot afford to send their kids to college/university because of the cost. My youngest will be attending university in the fall (yep, that makes three of my kids in higher education), so I thought I would do the cost estimator on the university’s web site. Naturally there are the tuition fees – $6622.40 (nice how they put the cents in there), books & supplies – $1215.00, personal expenses – $1000.00 (I have no idea what that covers), residence – $4820.00 (for those attending school away from their hometown, not him), a meal plan – $3135.00 (again for those living in residence, Dad will make the teenage boy’s lunch), transportation costs – $639.00 (he will have to take two buses), and entertainment – $1000.00 (well, he can watch television at home). I am not going to add them all up, because it is far too depressing.