How do you define morbid?

Sadly last week, my husband unexpectedly lost his mother. She had lived a long and enjoyable life, lasting into her eighties. She spent her retirement years down east, so when we were told of her passing, we along with other family members hoped on a plane. There are seven children, and with spouses that is quite a number to put up. All the bedrooms were assigned, and for my husband and I to be together in one bed, we were given my mother-in-law’s bed, the death bed. It’s sounds very morbid when put like that, but it actually relieved the tension in the room. I thought I would be creeped out by sleeping in the bed she actually died in, but we were exhausted the first night from travelling so the thought didn’t cross our mind, and the second night, well, it became a joke that hubby and I were sleeping in the death bed. Now, there are going to be people out there, who won’t take to me joking about this, but everyone copes with death differently.