Even her sister wouldn’t bring dinner

Hubby and I returned Monday after going on a two-week vacation where we explored Quebec City, the Gaspe Peninsula, Prince Edward Island (PEI), and the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, which meant the young man (age 21 in 19 days) and middle child (age 23) had to feed themselves, do laundry, water my garden, pick daily from the garden, water house plants, feed and walk the dogs, pick up the mail and well you get the picture.

The young man easily made pasta for himself (a lot), ate the large lasagna I had frozen for a future family meal, okay, he did share with a friend, well middle child ate a lot of eggs. At one point before a soccer game she was to play with her sister, she sent her the following text, and took a screen shot for mom and dad:

Image of a text message sent from one sister to another.Meanwhile one of the meals we were having, mussels in a lovely wine sauce with cornbread:

Mussels in a lovely wine sauce

Dinner with our children

Dinner with the kids

Our eldest, who lives an hour away, while attending college, was able to come home for dinner last week. The other two, who attend university in another province weren’t, so we did the next best thing – we used Skype. Though when our son found out we were having steak, he was not impressed since it is his favourite meal, middle child was not particularly happy with our meal either, her favourite being the roasted potatoes. Mom was happy, everyone was together.

Dinner time conversation at my house

Dinner time conversation at my house is always quite interesting, we never leave any topic untouched. Monday – women’s breasts – the teenage boy was not impressed, since most of the conversation was about his older sister’s and mother’s breasts; Tuesday – stretch marks – this conversation started off with the teenage boy being quite proud of the stretch marks on his arms from exercising. He also has them on his back, because of some weird growth spurt he had. His older sister has strange stretch marks above both hips. I can only think that this is because of her years of playing keeper in soccer. Mom, well I have had three kids, so obviously I have stretch marks, no explanation needed. The teenage boy was now totally grossed out. Wednesday – STD’s, I don’t know how we started this conversation. At this point, I tweeted about our conversations asking what we could talk about on Thursday. The one suggestion I received was circumcision and oat-sewing, but these two topics have already been covered. Sadly, I missed Thursday’s dinner. Tonight is Friday, and well it is not yet dinner time, but what goes well with brisket?