Am I the glue?

glustickYesterday I decided to make my own pita bread, it is pretty easy to do but very labour intensive. So I am covered in dough and flour when the phones rings, luckily hubby is home to answer it, god knows what would have happened if we had let the machine get it (all three of our children will then ring my cell, and if I don’t answer all hell breaks loose). I side-track though, hubby answers the phone and it is middle child, she needs to talk to mom NOW! Hubby brings me the extra phone, to which I yell “I just texted you not two minutes ago and said I was busy making bread!” She did not like my answer and did not want to deal with her father. I told him to say, that unless she is having some sort of medical emergency and is in hospital I will talk to her later. This was not the answer she wanted and promptly hung up on her father.

Soon after finishing the bread, I text our daughter, and tell her that she will have to learn to work with her father. Her response, a flat NO. I text her back “well I won’t always be here”. There is no response to my text, so I assume all is fine. The next day she phones me quite upset. How dare I say “well I won’t always be here”! I backtrack my thoughts, realizing she would have assumed the worse with that text, so I say things like “well I may be in the washroom”, or “I just might be busy”.  Both Iame answers but I couldn’t think of anything else at the moment, because in reality I may not always be here, though I am not planning it anytime soon.

Which brings me to my point “Am I the glue?” Nine out of ten calls from our three children, the call is usually for me, unless one of them needs the name of a song, or something that requires the use of some tool, then they will ask for dad. As mom, I plan all activities, do the banking for the kids, schedule their doctor or dentist appointments, plan our vacations, solve their computer related problems, etc. Would the household fall apart if I wasn’t here, probably not, but everyone would have to relearn their rolls and right now, mine is the glue.

Are you the glue?

How I tried to go on strike and failed

During the school year there are three people living in my house because the girls are away at college/university. When the school year ends for them they move back home, and well to be honest, all hell breaks loose because we now have four adults, the teenage boy and two dogs in the house (I blogged about this earlier When the students move back home for the summer).

Our house is more than large enough for everyone, but we still have to learn to live together again and this is proving to be difficult some days. Five people means more dirty dishes, yucky bathrooms, loads of laundry (okay, the girls do their own laundry most days), and just plain dust & dirt. Now I don’t ask for much, most days I will make dinner, some days I need help, other days my husband will cook if I am not well. It is the kids responsibility to wash, and put away dishes after supper and during the day if need be. The teenage boy usually cleans bathrooms and vacuums for me on the weekends while I grocery shop and do laundry (he gets to drive the car without paying for gas). The eldest goes away each weekend, during the week she works 7am to 3pm, and will referee soccer games in the evenings. Thus she doesn’t do dishes most days. Middle child also referee’s soccer most nights, and occasionally works on Saturdays. If she is in a good mood she will help around the house.  My husband works a full-time shift work job and does loads around the house to boot. He picks up doggie poop, sorts garbage and recycling each week, cuts the lawn, cleans the pool, fixes stuff around the house, cooks dinner and washes dishes too much.

Thus yesterday I cracked! There was a pile of dishes on the counter, and not one of my children offered to help me with dinner (it was only chicken burgers, but you still had to cut up onions, cheese, hot peppers, etc.). Thus I decided to go on strike, I would not even arrange the dirty dishes, something my husband does on a regular basis, and boy did they pile up. The teenage boy left right after supper to go to a friend’s house, and the girls well nothing. Hours went by, my husband kept stating that he could handle the mess, he is OCD and a mess in the kitchen is his worst enemy. Me, I could care less, I could hold out for days, we have lots of plates, forks, knives, and I had planned to use them all. Then my husband couldn’t take it any longer, he cracked, he got up and did the dishes, was I mad at him, you betcha. Probably one of the stupidest arguments ever, I was mad because he cleaned, and so mad that I slept on the couch last night. He was stunned. I don’t think the teenage boy was even aware of the argument since he was out all evening, the girls, well they know I am angry, but they said/did nothing.

Later, my husband said I could go on strike but I would have to choose not to protest using dishes, he just couldn’t handle the mess. So I guess I will let the dust pile up (this is my enemy, but I am strong), or I could stop feeding them. Will they care, probably not, they will just make themselves something and leave the mess. Maybe I could put a lock on the fridge?

Off to the big city for dinner and a tea tweetup

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Tea Tweetup hosted by the Yummy Mummy Club and Metropolitan Tea at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario. It was a wonderful and fun event, where I was able to meet other bloggers I have chatted with online.

Before attending, I met my sister for dinner (I had talked her into attending the Tea Tweetup with me). The restaurant she chose was Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill. We shared an appetizer of Beef Carpaccio (wild & tame mushrooms, arugula, capers, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano & truffle oil). I wasn’t that thrilled with the beef until I squirted some lemon on it, what a difference, it was delicious! For my main, I chose the beer battered Atlantic haddock, Yukon Gold fries & creamy coleslaw, while my sister had the oven roasted free-range chicken breast with truffle potato gnocchi, sautéed mushrooms and roasted garlic jus. Both of our meals were absolutely wonderful. Then I went to the lady’s room! Ugh! The condition of the lady’s room was well, quite untidy. Now I did e-mail the restaurant with my concerns and they nicely said they would pass the information on to their staff.

After dinner we walked the few steps over to the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Oh my goodness, when you enter the Hotel you are taken aback by its absolute beauty! This is the 5-star hotel my husband dreams of going to, but currently is not in our budget. I started snapping pictures with my camera phone, but apparently I was looking to much like a tourist and my sister politely asked me to stop.  Anyways, we go up to the 19th floor to join the Yummy Mummy Club Tea Tweetup. Before the discussion of tea starts, we are each given the opportunity to choose a couple of tea’s that we would like to try. We are all given name tags, with both our real and twitter names. We sit at the lovely table, with delicate tea cups, martini glasses full of strawberries, boysenberries and other fruits, there are scones, and other delicious treats. Oh and I can’t forget the honey! The Fairmont has bee hives and a garden on the rooftop of the hotel, and their honey is to die for! Once the informative tea lesson was over, we mingle for the last hour, drink more tea and snack. All around it was a lovely evening hosted by the Yummy Mummy Club and Fairmont Royal York.

I was able to bring home a few samples, but not having a teacup on hand, I had to choose from the following two mugs. You can see which mug I chose by the tea bag: