A busy month, the kids move home, and we go out

Well this past month has been quite busy with the young man moving back home from university, and starting a new job. Middle child is now home and working almost full-time hours, as she is still going to school one day a week. She is also playing soccer along with her sister who commutes in for games. Add in hubby’s work schedule and we are all over the place trying to coordinate things. Then you have me, who is in charge of coordinating, and I am without a laptop for five weeks (that’s a whole other story). Some days are just insane, with one going this way, another going that way, and so on. Do I ever know who will be home for dinner? Nope, but I still have to cook meals for four, making sure there are leftovers (everyone loves leftovers, except me).

With our crazy schedules, hubby and I still found time to attend a concert in Toronto to see Calexico. Not wanting to drive because of summer construction having already started (people tend to say Canada has two seasons “Construction and Winter”), we took the bus and streetcar. Neither one of us is all too familiar with Toronto, but with instructions from my sister we were able to navigate our way to The Opera House. We had thought we would have had time to sit down for a dinner when we arrived but that was not the case. So as we walked the numerous blocks from the Go Bus Station to the streetcar we grabbed a sausage in a bun from when of the street vendors (they were delicious, but when you are really hungry any food seems to be fabulous). The kids were amazed that I was able to eat my sausage, walk with my cane, and not spill a drop on me. When we arrived at our destination, we did have time for hubby to have a beer and me a soda water with lime. We then lined up for the concert.

Picture of the Opera House

Once we were inside The Opera House, it was not at all what I had expected. There were no seats on the first floor! Just a few tables for leaning on, but there were three bars, lol. At a loss, I suggested we try the second floor where there was another bar, and five tables each with two bar chairs. We tried the lower balcony but there was only a very long bench which was already full. We quickly went back up the twelve stairs in complete utter darkness, people were using their cell phones to see their way, and grabbed the last table with chairs.

Picture of the stage in the Opera House

The opening singer for the band was Gaby Moreno from Guatemala. She sang in both English and Spanish and what a voice! Her music is a mixture of R&B and Jazz. As she sang, her fingers meticulously worked the guitar strings. If you ever have the opportunity to see her in concert, I highly recommend the show, you won’t be disappointed.Pictue of Gaby Monero

After listening to Ms. Moreno for forty-five minutes, it was time for Calexico to play. Calexico is described as an Americana/Tex-Mex/indie rock band that originates from Tucson, Arizona. The numerous instruments – guitars, bass, cello, piano, keyboards, accordion, trumpet, percussion, the list goes on, and the energy in the vocals is just amazing. They played for almost two hours with numerous encores. Neither my husband nor I were disappointed. All in all it was a fabulous evening out.

Picture of the band Calexico

The return of the young man

Early yesterday morning,  the young man started his return home for Christmas break. The trip requires a lot of patience and travelling. His day begins with a cab ride to the bus station, then a two-hour bus ride from Sherbrooke, Quebec to Montreal. In Montreal he catches the subway to the train station (Mom forked out the money for the express train). The train ride from Montreal to Toronto takes approximately five and a half hours. Once in Toronto, he catches another train, which will take him to Aldershot, where he will be picked up by his father. The entire trip takes approximately nine hours, so he is quite the tired camper when he arrives home.

When he started his trip yesterday, I sent him a text message, this was how our conversation went:

Mom: Have a safe trip today.

The young man: Pretty sure the bus is going to crash.

Mom: Why of why do you say these things to me?

The young man: I can’t even see my hand in front of my face, it’s so white out and I’m in the bus.

Mom: Are you serious or are you just freaking me out.

The young man: Oh, it’s my turn to drive now, can’t talk. The driver lost his arm to a wild boar, so we’ve been rotating.

Mom: Geez. Love you. I’m off to the market now.

The young man: Don’t forget to actually buy, and bring food home.

Mom: I’ve bought milk, one is defrosting, plus cereal, and chewy bars. Now I just need Brussel sprouts to go with the ribs.

The young man: NO! My first meal home is not going to be Brussel sprouts. I refuse. Buy good food. Broccoli.

Mom: Wide grin.

The young man: Cauliflower. Beans. Potatoes.

Mom: Squash.

The young man: No, ew. Didn’t you get the memo? Contrary to popular belief, everything isn’t about you. You have a child (which you seemingly forgot about) who wants to eat. You have to cater to everybody. Surprise.

Mom: I have to make your sister happy too.

The young man: She doesn’t like food. It’s pointless.

Mom: She likes veggies. Gotta go bye. How is your window seat I bought for you?

The young man: Could be better.

Mom: How?

The young man: It’s fine.

Mom: Okay, enjoy. Text me when you get into Toronto. Your dad is picking you up in Aldershot right?

The young man: Yes. I don’t suppose the GoTrain station is where the GO buses are, right?

Mom: No. They are in union, down 2 floors. I think.

The young man: Score. So I don’t have to walk anywhere?

Mom: Not really, it is under construction, and a mess.

The young man: Yeah, its been under construction since I’ve been born so I’m used to it. (Mom: Not true)

Mom: Whereabouts are you, besides on a train?

The young man: Golly you know me so well.

Mom: Yep.

The young man: Passing some trees.

Mom: Ass

The young man: I need a landmark.

Mom: I was thinking towns, cities, but it might be to fast for you (referring to the speed of the train).

The young man: We haven’t passed a road lately, so no idea. I’m in this really big forest area, though. I bet if you Google map it from space, you could see it, it’s that big. It’ll be a big green blob.

Mom: Your sister says for you to turn on location on your phone, then Google map yourself.

The young man: Oh I know, but where’s the fun? Look. I describe landmarks and you guess. I spy with my little eye a big field. Probably a farm.

Mom: That will never work, I can’t guess who sings a song so why would I be able to figure that out.

The young man: PING. Whoops

Mom: Why are you pinging me?

The young man: ahem note the “whoops”

Mom: Sticks tongue out.