Twenty-nine years and counting

My husband knows how much I love camping and the outdoors, so this past weekend we camped in our backyard.  We dug out the 4-season tent, the goose down sleeping bag with its wool lining, and our quilt from the bedroom for extra warmth. Now since your head gets cold while sleeping I wore my hat. Yep, I looked pretty darn funny, in my pajama’s & hat. I can’t show you the picture of me in my pajama’s or my husband in his blue long johns and blue shirt (imagine a tall smurf), but here is the tent:

Eureka Tent
Inside of tent_2

It sounds silly, but just being outdoors seems to revitalize me and I am very lucky to have a husband who will pretty much do anything to please me. This October we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, but what I found even more impressive is that we have been together for 29 years this summer. My exact words to him were: “I have been sleeping with the same guy for 29 years!” Okay, that sounds pretty crude, but truth be told, it was the first thing that popped into my head.

Where does the time go? Our eldest will be 23 this year but I still remember the day she was born, all twenty-four hours of a very painful labour.  Middle child will be 20, another twelve hours of labour etched into my mind. Lastly, the teenage boy will be 18 this summer, and again, twelve hours of painful labour. Would I do it all again? In a heartbeat, but this is where the time went, three children who I gave an enormous amount of time too and still do.

So what does all this have to do with camping in my backyard? Well sometimes you just have to get away from it all, you need a change, and I am very easy to please (well sometimes). I will choose camping in the bush over a 5-star hotel any day of the week, and right now we are unable to go away, thus the backyard. By the way, here is a picture of the toilet when we go camping:

Toilet in the woods

It was very cold Saturday night, –10 Celsius but the tent was warm and cozy and then there was the cuddling. You can never pass on a good cuddle! Now, of course, the dog was not too impressed with the tent that night. We eventually put him back in the house but he kept howling and barking, so hubby went and got him again, and this time he settled down. The second night was warmer, only –3 and the dog stayed in the house because the teenage boy was home (Cocoa, the dog doesn’t like being alone). Back to us: the night was perfect! More cuddling and I only woke up once to go pee!

Where’s your getaway? Backyard camping or 5-star hotel?