The Shower

The other day, hubby and I were invited out to a barbecue at a friend’s house. This is a rare event because his shifts rarely coincide with their extremely busy social life and of course, an outing depends on whether or not I am having a good pain day. Anyways, in order for our outing, I needed a shower before making myself pretty. I yelled down the stairs to the teenage boy that mom was taking a shower, and then off handily added to my husband, you may join me if you like! Well the bathroom is right beside the teenage boy’s bedroom, and just as I entered the shower, the teenage boy decided to go to his room. Then the most horrible thing happened (according to the teenager), dad joined me in the shower. Oh was he angry! Now our son did hear quite a bit of noise coming from the shower, but it is not what you are thinking! Hubby could not believe how hot I liked the water, and was trying everything to get out-of-the-way of the stream.

The next day, well visiting my best friend’s house, I related the shower story to her. Now she has quite the wicked sense of humour, and was quick to give the teenage boy a talking too! First though she asked him how he thought he got here? The teenage boy quickly answered, “I like to believe the stork brought me”.