Hubby and I went on a double date with the eldest and her boyfriend

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

When I was speaking with middle child late last week, I told her that her dad and I would not be home on Saturday evening because we were going to Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada) with her older sister and her boyfriend. Middle child immediately squealed “you’re going on a double date!” Well I never thought of it that way, but yes I was going on my first double date. Before the date could occur, I arranged for a dog sitter, not a babysitter, but a dog sitter. Ever since our beagle Cocoa had two strokes, he doesn’t like to be left alone for more than a couple of hours, three tops and since I wasn’t sure how long we would be out, I asked my best friend’s daughter if she would mind dog sitting.

You're going out, but I have my hat on?

You're going out, but I have my hat on?

Hubby and I were promptly picked up at 3:45 p.m. Our daughter’s boyfriend had borrowed his father’s jeep for the occasion. Now I have always admired Jeeps, until now. It was a huge step up to get into the back seat and being disabled, I was unable to lift either leg that high without assistance. Once in, it wasn’t too bad, except you are sitting bolt straight up, and there is no seat adjustment, making the hour-long drive highly uncomfortable. Hubby is around 6’2″ and surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of head room left once he was sitting, thankfully there were no bumps in the road, else hubby would have had a sore head. Note to self: will not buy a Jeep in the near future.

As we were driving along, the eldest decided to use an app on her phone giving us step-by-step directions (I can easily drive to Niagara Falls having been there many times, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to get to the restaurant). Hubby and I find the app to be hilarious, as it loudly tells you to turn right or left or take this ramp to highway. The drive was uneventful for the first half, until we saw this one driver. Now we are on the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Highway) where vehicles are speeding along at anywhere from 100km to 120km (some even faster), when I notice this man who is supposed to be driving his Ford 150 truck holding the steering wheel, but instead he is texting with his left hand while holding another cell phone with his right hand up to his ear! What on earth is he using to hold the steering wheel? What would have happened if had hit a pot hole? Hubby had his camera out and tried to snap a picture of the driver so we would have proof to show to the police, but sadly there was too much traffic at the time and he was only able to get a picture of the back of the truck. Note: We did not phone 911 at the time because previously when I had seen a distracted driver, the police officer that I spoke to, said not to dial 911, just call the nearest detachment. Well the nearest detachment (Niagara region) only answers non-emergency phone calls Monday to Friday. The next day I called the Niagara region Ontario Provincial Police and left a message. Plus I would like to get clarification on what I should have done.

We soon arrived at the restaurant and were seated beside a window with a spectacular view! As we ate our dinner, the colour illuminations of the falls began. It was beautiful. After finishing our meal, we walked down to the falls for a closer look. It was freezing, especially with the mist falling and the wind wrapping around us. The American side of the falls is completely frozen over, whereas the Canadian side is still flowing. The river beneath the falls is also frozen, showing some massive cracks in the ice. Sadly hubby’s camera was not able to capture the magnificence of the scene. If you haven’t visited Niagara Falls in the winter, now is the time to go. I would love to go again but I would visit earlier in the day so we can photograph the frozen landscape.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

I just spent twenty of the past twenty-four hours sleeping

What happened you might ask? Well a couple of things, first I awoke yesterday with what only I can describe as a cloud over half of my face, a headache, dizziness, and nausea. I was already on the couch, having moved there during the night because I couldn’t sleep, and didn’t want to disturb hubby. I stayed there all day, in and out of consciousness. Apparently the eldest even went so far as to check if I was breathing or not, and then she did the same with our dog. At least she checked me first, right? Eventually I moved to our bedroom, and slept another ten hours or so, only waking once to visit the washroom.

About ten years ago, around the same time my perimenopausal hot flashes started, it seems I started getting migraines. For the longest time though, I thought I had the flu. Finally I mentioned it to my doctor because I was continually sick and I became worried when the dizziness started. After this test and that test, it was determined I was suffering from migraines in addition to the perimenopause. Well, I am here to tell you that migraines and perimenopause suck big-time.

The hot flashes have decreased over the years but in their place, night sweats, which are even worse. You wake up freezing because you are soaking wet. I have chosen not to take any medication for the perimenopause symptoms or the migraines for the simple reason I am already on quite a few meds for chronic pain, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, etc. I did try a few medications for the migraines, one didn’t work and the other I was allergic too.

So after missing all of Tuesday, today I am up and feeling much better but it is one of those days where I can’t drive. Thankfully, the eldest is home to take me shopping so I may buy a birthday present for my loving husband, who continues to put up with me with all my aches and pains.

Note: My wonderful and thoughtful husband tried to blame the twenty hours of sleep on the sex we had, which made me smile, until he added I guess we won’t be doing that again! Nice try dear.

Have you ever suffered from migraines or are you going through perimenopause?

Did the elderly gentleman cross the line?

Today I went to the mall in hopes of finding a new blouse or dress for my brother-in-law’s wake this weekend. I searched and searched but was unable to find anything that fit or was appropriate. Becoming increasingly frustrated, I decided it was time for lunch. After purchasing my quick and not too healthy lunch, I walked over to a seat that had a lovely sunbeam shining down on it, and asked the elderly gentleman at the table if he minded that I joined him. He said no, his wife wasn’t due to join him for another half-hour, and there was still another seat available.

Immediately after sitting down, the elderly man started a conversation with me, and as per usual, he asked me why I needed a cane. I gave him the short version of my health history and basically explained that even though I look healthy, I was far from it. After about fifteen minutes or so, he leaned forward, smiled, and asked “if I could still perform my nightly duties?”. I laughed, and responded with a “yes, and added I did have to be careful”. After that, we continued on with our conversation about my health waiting for his wife to join us.

When I returned home, I told my husband and the teenage boy (who just happened to be in the kitchen at the time) about my interesting lunch. The teenage boy responded with a “WTF”, whereas my husband laughed.

What do you think? Did the elderly gentleman cross the line? What answer would you have given?