Years ago my great aunt, who I was very close to, was in the hospital dying from cancer. I would visit her daily since her family lived out of town. I didn’t mind doing this at all, in fact the time we spent together was wonderful. Then she had a stroke, and was no longer able to speak. On my visits I started to confide in her. Though she was unable to respond, I could see the support in her eyes. Her days were numbered and as she worsened I would read her parables from the Bible.

The number of people I choose to confide in is very limited, basically there is my husband and best friend. Yet, even then there are always some things you cannot say. Last night, was one of those nights where because of circumstance I was left heartbroken, crying alone. Hubby was at work and I really didn’t want to phone anyone to explain how I was feeling, I just wanted to be alone in my tears.

Sometimes sharing how you feel is difficult. How do you feel about sharing your feelings?

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  1. Sometimes I find the blog a good place to do that – of to friends on Facebook, somehow I find sharing with anyone who isn’t near to me very therapeitic and easy – it’s talking to people directly around me that I struggle with at times x

    1. I do find having a blog a really good place to just throw stuff out there and see what happens. I agree, sharing with people who aren’t near to me is quite theraputic.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re suffering more than normal and missing someone to confide in. When I am overwhelmed I find it helpful to get a piece of A4 and just write feelings down, It gets them out, safely and privately and always makes me feel better. It doesn’t actually take that long once they start coming! Or drawing / painting with colours can be helpful – just drawing how you feel and this can even be done just in your mind! I bet if you still talk to your Aunt, she’ll be listening anyhow. X

    1. I used to write everything done, but then I was afraid that one day my children would read it, so off to the shredder the papers went! It actually felt quite good to rid myself of all the written down pain. I had one really bad night, and I’m sure if I had phoned my bff, she would have been over in a second.

  3. Oh! I’m sorry you had a bad evening. I actually find the anonymity of Twitter very therapeutic bizarrely. If I can’t tweet I’ll DM someone I trust and chat to them that way. Hope things look up for you soon x

  4. I like you have few confidants. There are somethings, despite the how much I have said on my own blog, somethings remain secret and my own history forever. I understand this. I think we choose, it is simply a matter of comfort. Somethings we simply choose to keep private forever.

      1. There are somethings that maybe never get shared. I suspect there are things in our lives for privacy and self-preservation we might not ever share. I think this is okay. Honestly, I think we all have the right to choose what is held closely. There are things no one but I will ever know.

  5. Many people talk to and confide in their pets, much the same way that you did with your aunt. There is something very therapeutic in being able to express yourself out loud without fear of judgement, without question, and without anyone trying to offer solutions.

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