Conversations with the teenage boy

The teenage boy dressed as a mime
On Facebook:

The teenage boy: Fuuuuucking hell, fire in Keuhner. (The residence where the teenage boy lives while attending university).

Mom: Oh my goodness, is everyone okay? And you son?

The teenage boy: I had to fireman carry out Ryan, so I’m a little smoked and exhausted. My leg hurts; I had to kick down Ryan’s door.

Ryan: Thank you teenage boy for saving my life.

Mom: What?

Switch to BBM:

Mom: Is what you just said on Facebook true?

The teenage boy: Yeah

Mom: OMG. Did they check you out?

The teenage boy: Yeah, I’m getting a scholarship from the university npw (npw = no problem whatsoever)

Mom: Phone me

The teenage boy: Oh god you’re fun in the morning.

Switch back to Facebook:

Mom: Please do not screw with mom’s brain early in the morning.

Mom: The brain is not working at 100% today, no sleep & loads of pain today. Grocery shopping will not happen.

The teenage boy: So, the usual, eh. Thinking mom: Thanks for the support son.

Mom: I have completely misplaced two brand new red pillowcases. I am thinking I possibly hid them somewhere when I was sleep walking.

The teenage boy: Maybe they’re on the pillows already. Dun dun duuuun! *plot twist*

Mom: I found the missing red pillow cases son, apparently I only have two, not four as I was thinking. Mystery solved.

The teenage boy: Looks like old age is really affecting your math skills.

Mom: I like to believe it is all the stress you cause me. hashtag #TeenageBoyWorrying

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    1. Fires have always been a worry for me, and whether or not they would actually hear the alarm. When all three were young, not one of them ever heard the fire alarm when it went off if they were sleeping, thus the reason I have an over abundance of them in my house, plus two carbon monoxide detectors.

    1. I was quite startled when he was first talking about the fire, once I clued in he was dramatizing it, I felt much better.

      Fire is no joking matter, and I am very happy that he ran outside at 4 a.m. with just the clothes he was wearing. As much as people would like to think they have time to grab this and that, you actually don’t have the time.

  1. I find facebook and texting conversations with my teen often challenging, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes sweet. In any case, at least we’re talking! With teens you take what you can get, right πŸ˜‰

    1. There was an actual fire. As my son describes it “It’s a horrible catastrophe, my favourite recycling bin is ashes and dust”. So what happened? The very large recycling bin, which was just outside residence and beside a window, caught fire, most likely from a cigarette being tossed in there (the teenage boy said it was probably a drunk, but conscientious student who tossed the cigarette thinking it was a garbage can). Being beside the window, the fire was hot enough to burst the window, and thus smoke entered the building. The fire door was not closed on his floor and ended up filling with smoke. The fire alarm went off at 4 a.m., and thankfully he did not ignore it, especially since the bin was not far from where his room is. Everyone exited the three-storey residence safely. After the fire was out, cleaning staff was sent in, this made the teenage boy quite happy because they did such a wonderful job cleaning his room.

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