Crafts made with love

The eldest daughter is very much like her father, exceptionally creative. When she was young, she was always creating this and that, saving the oddest things. In grade one, she had this strange habit of taking things out of the garbage, her teacher informed me. She would save these little treasures, knowing sooner or later she would have a use for them, and eventually she did. This frustrated her teacher to no end. Today she no longer takes things out of the garbage, only because she doesn’t toss that many things out.

Soon she was creating 3-D birthday cards. The first one she made was a house; the roof lifted off to display the living room with family members sitting around wishing me a happy birthday. Then a football field with movable players for her sister, and a soccer field made of cardboard and paper, designed like the hockey table with movable players all trying to kick the ball into the net. Of course you cannot forgot the massive 3-d shark for her father (currently stored at the top of our closet). Then when I turned 50, she covered the stairwell, kitchen, and the fridge with flamingos and gnomes (her brother assisted with the hanging of the objects).

A year ago she started a nail blog Simply Stylish Nails. Who knew that a girl who spent her childhood playing in the dirt, then keeper in soccer, would enjoy all the girly things you can do with nails. She certainly didn’t get this from her mother, I am more of a tomboy. She recently graduated from college in Architecture Construction, again, not necessarily a trade popular with young women.

Like her mother though, she enjoys crafts and got the idea to make her mom some new coasters. So after gathering pictures of the birds in our yard, she set to work. Before printing off the pictures, she edited each to make the background grey scale accentuating the colours of the birds, next was decoupaging the pictures to tiles, finishing them off with a waterproof sealer and felt on the bottom of each so they don’t scratch my tables. What do you think, a good job?

Bird Themed Coasters

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  1. I love the coasters!The one with the cardinal reminds me of my grandmother, who had several that lived in her yard. Your daughter could make a small fortune on Etsy. Does she sell her creations anywhere?

    1. I love cardinals also, we have had a pair nesting in the back for over twenty years. They are beautiful birds, but can be quite mean. The male cardinal does not like any other bird (besides his wife) at the bird feeder when he is eating.

      My daughter currently isn’t selling her creations anywhere, but I am in negotiations with her to try it out.

  2. Love the bird pictures and how the colours pop. Wow! I love crafts but don’t have much time to do them. I’m bookmarking this idea for later.

    Love your new banner picture. You should add “talented photographer” to your list of skills.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

    1. She did a wonderful job. What took the longest was waiting for the decoupage to dry and the clear waterproof spray, otherwise it took her no time at all. The birds are lovely, and making the background grey-scale, brings their colours out more.

      I do like the banner too. The trick to taking great pictures, is using my husbands Nikon, you really can’t mess up with it. I always take numerous pictures of one thing, just to be on the safe side. Thank you for the compliment.

  3. What a very talented daughter you have…the coasters are fabulous (and extra special as the pics were taken in your own yard) and yay to the flamingos – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many!

    The first paragraph sounds exactly like my youngest twin daughter – she never throws anything out either!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I love the coasters, even more since the pictures of the birds come from our own yard. The eldest has quite the creative mind, actually all three of our children do; I am kind of afraid of what they will do for my 60th.

    1. Thank you, she is a treasure. I loved the flamingos all over the house, it was quite the surprise. All three of my children (2 girls & a boy) love to do wacky things to drive my insane! ๐Ÿ™‚

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