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Day 18, Meziadin Lake Provincial Park to Beaumont Provincial Park, British Columbia

Mileage 7493.7 km

On the morning of day 18, we awoke to a message from our son to call him. Now our son is never one to call unless it is important, so mom’s worrying was on high. There was no cell service at the park, but I had paid for a wifi connection the day before, so we had to use Facebook Messenger to try and contact our son. This was not an optimal connection, but enough to find out what had happened.

Before leaving for our trip, we had put together a number of bags of clothing that the son was supposed to drop off at the donation centre, in the meantime they were left on our front porch. Sometime during the night, a couple of teenage/young adult males had went through all the clothing, laying some of it on the railing. They tore down our Canadian Flag pole with the flag still attached, and took it with them when they left. One of them, dropped a cigarette on some newspaper flyers which had been thrown on our steps. This cigarette butt thus set the paper on fire, which set the steps on fire. How the entire house did not go up in flames, can only be attributed to the fact it had rained a lot and everything was pretty wet, either way, four out of our five porch steps were destroyed.

Now we have neighbours from hell, who are also not that smart. She and her husband had smelled smoke during the night, but decided we were having an illegal bonfire in our yard, and did not call the fire department, (weeks later when my husband and I returned home, I had quite the argument with her, as to why on earth she didn’t check where the smoke was coming from, especially since in the over fifteen years we have lived beside each other, we have never once had a bonfire in our yard! I was beyond upset, because the outcome could have been so much worse, if our house had gone up in flames with our son and his friend sleeping in the back upstairs bedrooms).

When our son woke up at 6:40 am to go to work, he immediately noticed the burnt porch steps. He phoned the police, who in turn called the fire department to assist in determining whether or not this was a case of arson. Sadly the culprits were never found.

It was around 9:30 am when we finally started travelling again. One thing we noticed in the interior of British Columbia was the lack of signage, so after driving for 2.5 kilometres, we were unsure if we were travelling south, so we turned around and went back a few kilometres, then turned around again, going back another few kilometres before we finally saw a sign ā€“ we had been driving the right way the first time. Oh what a morning we were having!

It was late in the day when we made it to Beaumont Provincial Park site #24. There was another Bear warning for the area, but he/she was more interested in the abundant supply of Saskatoon berries. Instead we could be concerned about the Western Thatch Ant, if you disturbed their nest which can be five to six feet wide or more, and as tall or taller than I (5’6ā€). The ant will bite you, if it feels threatened. Thankfully we somehow picked the only campsite that did not have a Western Thatch Ant nest, but did have plenty of Saskatoon berries! I filled as many Tupperware containers as I could of the berry which I found to be delicious.

Beaumont Provincial Park campsite
Beaumont Provincial Park, campsite #24.
Western Thatch Ant nest
Western Thatch Ant nest.
Western Thatch Ant newsletter
Western Thatch Ant warning.
Western Thatch Ant nest
Western Thatch Ant nest.
The lake at Beaumont Provincial Park.
The lake at Beaumont Provincial Park.
Another view of the lake at Beaumont Provincial Park.
Another view of the lake at Beaumont Provincial Park.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the fire, but glad to hear that no one was injured. I can imagine the shock it must have been. I hope the arsonists will be caught.

  2. I wish those arsonists had been caught and punished. šŸ™ Thank goodness your son and his friend were okay and not too much damage to your house. That’s not the sort of message you want to receive when you’re mile away enjoying a relaxing vacation.

    1. I believe I was more stressed than our son was since he had time to calm down. I wished they had also been caught, but I was more than pleased our son and his friend had not been hurt. Things can be replaced, people cannot.

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