Did the elderly gentleman cross the line?

Today I went to the mall in hopes of finding a new blouse or dress for my brother-in-law’s wake this weekend. I searched and searched but was unable to find anything that fit or was appropriate. Becoming increasingly frustrated, I decided it was time for lunch. After purchasing my quick and not too healthy lunch, I walked over to a seat that had a lovely sunbeam shining down on it, and asked the elderly gentleman at the table if he minded that I joined him. He said no, his wife wasn’t due to join him for another half-hour, and there was still another seat available.

Immediately after sitting down, the elderly man started a conversation with me, and as per usual, he asked me why I needed a cane. I gave him the short version of my health history and basically explained that even though I look healthy, I was far from it. After about fifteen minutes or so, he leaned forward, smiled, and asked “if I could still perform my nightly duties?”. I laughed, and responded with a “yes, and added I did have to be careful”. After that, we continued on with our conversation about my health waiting for his wife to join us.

When I returned home, I told my husband and the teenage boy (who just happened to be in the kitchen at the time) about my interesting lunch. The teenage boy responded with a “WTF”, whereas my husband laughed.

What do you think? Did the elderly gentleman cross the line? What answer would you have given?

2 Replies to “Did the elderly gentleman cross the line?”

  1. Hm, that’s a tough one that only the person in the situation could determine. Did he make you feel uncomfortable? If no, then he didn’t cross the line. If you squirmed, then yes, perhaps he went a bit too far. Although, the way that I read your post, it sounds like he asked the question with a “twinkle in his eye” and I would be OK with that. 😉

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