Dinner time conversation at my house

Dinner time conversation at my house is always quite interesting, we never leave any topic untouched. Monday – women’s breasts – the teenage boy was not impressed, since most of the conversation was about his older sister’s and mother’s breasts; Tuesday – stretch marks – this conversation started off with the teenage boy being quite proud of the stretch marks on his arms from exercising. He also has them on his back, because of some weird growth spurt he had. His older sister has strange stretch marks above both hips. I can only think that this is because of her years of playing keeper in soccer. Mom, well I have had three kids, so obviously I have stretch marks, no explanation needed. The teenage boy was now totally grossed out. Wednesday – STD’s, I don’t know how we started this conversation. At this point, I tweeted about our conversations asking what we could talk about on Thursday. The one suggestion I received was circumcision and oat-sewing, but these two topics have already been covered. Sadly, I missed Thursday’s dinner. Tonight is Friday, and well it is not yet dinner time, but what goes well with brisket?

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    1. I love our dinnertime conversation! It may cover serious topics, but there is comedy injected into it, so no one is ever uncomfortable.

  1. I just wonder… seriously wonder where my dinner converation will go with 3 boys against one mom.

  2. World peace seems a bit cliched really! A favourite in our house is the ultimate holiday destination or is the matrix real? However being vegetarian I’m not sure about the brisket bit.

    1. Where would I go for the ultimate holiday destination? I guess it all depends on who’s paying for it. I could never be a vegetarian, too much of a meat lover.

  3. Too good just to leave on twitter.
    We had penis shrinkage & steroids on the school run this week.
    Breast feeding always goes down well, especially when they have friends around.
    Asking the older tees if they’d like me to add condoms to the shopping list, when youngest informs me that there’s a new girlfreind around.
    Hubby was talking about erections in the restaurnat tonight.
    I’m not sure if we are being normal or we shouldn’t be taking these subjects so lightly….lol

    1. Mom is not allowed to buy condoms, apparently I purchase the wrong kind – the heavy duty type. In grade nine, in the public system here, boys and girls get to practice putting a condom on a wooden penis – this has always led to quite an hilarious conversation. Conversations about these topics are best to start with family, that way, the kids are at least getting the correct information, albeit, not always something they want to hear but if done correctly can also be a lot of fun.

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