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Flying Poop

Yesterday was no different from any other day for our eldest daughter, she rose at 6 a.m., had a quick breakfast before getting ready for work. She doesn’t get dressed up for her job, its work boots, a bright orange shirt, and overalls. Her job for the summer? She cuts grass for the city using either a weed whacker or the cutter. She enjoys her job very much; she’s working outside in the fresh air, its physical labour which keep her in shape for soccer (she’s keeper).

There are a couple of issues she does have to deal with, first she is allergic to grass, trees, and outside ground mold but she has learned to deal with those allergies. Second issue, which I think is more of a problem, is dog poop.

There she is working away, and what does the weed whacker hit, not one but two bags of dog poop. Now there is flying dog poop, nowhere to run or get out-of-the-way, because it all happens in a quick second and her face is splatter with poop, lots of poop.

Dog poop
Dog poop in our backyard, which was picked up after taking this picture.

“Oh f***, where am I to get cleaned up?” There are no washrooms in this park. Ahh, she spots a puddle. That’s water from the sky, it must be better than the dog poop on her face. So there she is, splatter with dog poop, dipping the only Kleenex she can find in her pocket, washing her face. She dries her now somewhat cleaned face with her grass stained t-shirt and goes back to work.

Mom’s question: Why would someone take the time to put the dog poop in a bag, then toss it on the ground?

Daughter: “Mom, I don’t know, but this is why, when I see someone picking up after their dog, I take the time to say thank you.”

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  1. Oh yuk! Meanwhile, she asks a great question … to which I answer, “Well, some people are only half smart, which is better than no smarts.”

    1. Ah, in England too, so it is not just a Canadian thing. I understand some people at all. You go to all the trouble to bag it, then you leave it. Honestly.

  2. Having been a countryside officer whose job included strimming footpaths I FULLY understand this, having had the same thing happen to me more times than I care to remember. Some people are just so thoughtless :(. I always carried a bottle of water and some heavy duty tissues ….

    1. I think because it has happened so many times to her, using the puddle the other day was just no big deal, she just made sure she had a wonderful shower when she arrived home.

  3. I hate when a few spoil it for all. Things like that makes all dog owners look bad. I just do not understand why some people do not think the rules apply to them. That is a shitty job or at least that day it was.

  4. I’m so busy getting that important shot on Instagram that I put the bag down πŸ˜› seriously if I do forget where I left it, I pick up and properly dispose a karma poop.

  5. I admit I had to laugh over this post…but your poor daughter! Yuck! Inconsiderate dog owners make me so mad. I see so many piles of poop in our parks. As for bagging it and leaving it there, I see that happen frequently too. Really…what were they thinking? We’ll bag it up..but someone else will have to carry it to the garbage? I own 2 dogs and it’s really NOT that hard to pick up after them…and put the bags in the trash. Argh!

    1. I laughed when she told me, and actually she also laughed, especially since it happened twice within a matter of minutes. Why people bag the poop but leave it there, is just inconsiderate.

    1. In some parks there are no garbage cans, so the dog owners have to carry the poop home. You wouldn’t think that is a difficult task, but apparently it is.

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  7. Oh my… I would say she is definitely a trooper! I probably would have ran home screaming and crying and there is no way that I would look back. Maybe it’s a mom thing but the whole time I was reading this, I was thinking the same thing “Why bother? If your not going to take it with you or throw it in the garbage, it’s pointless.” Good luck to your daughter and I hope she doesn’t get pooped on again!

    1. We have two dogs, so there is loads of dog poop we hubby has to clean up before any grass cutting can happen. Our daughter is just furious with lazy, inconsiderate dog owners, especially this is not the first time she has been sprayed with poop and it won’t be the last. πŸ™

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