8 Replies to “Fungi”

    1. It’s is amazing all the different varieties out there. I love hunting for fungi on all our walks, and have now gotten my nieces & nephews into it. They ran ahead, then start yelling Aunt Catherine, Aunt Catherine fungi!

  1. oooh lovely pictures. I love to go mushroom spottingI! I went on a “fungus foray” walk with a group, and a particular fungus was found, it was only the 50th ever to be found in the UK, so it was quite rare. It was a great find, and I love that there are so many different varieties 🙂

  2. I love mushrooms! I sometimes make spore prints with the boys. I wish I could find a local mushroom finding club or workshop because I’m convinced a few of the local shrooms are totally edible but I’m not willing to risk stomach cramps to test my theory! Haha!

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