How not to take your child to the toilet

Sleeping childrenWhen the eldest was around 5 years old, her younger sister and her shared a bedroom in the basement, because we lived in a small house, two bedrooms, three kids. The teenage boy had the bedroom upstairs across from ours since he was only a baby. It was easier for me not to have to run down the stairs to get him for a diaper change or feeding in the middle of the night. Thus the girls were in the basement.

For a number of years we made it a habit of taking the kids to the washroom just before we went to sleep. On one such occasion, My husband, Matt went downstairs to get the eldest, and instead of making her walk, since she was still sleeping, he carried her. Her carried her in such a way, that I imagine to her, it seemed like she was already sitting on the toilet.

She was still asleep as he carried her up the stairs. They made it to the landing, where he stopped to turn and walk up the last five stairs before reaching the bathroom, but as you can imagine, since she apparently thought she was already sitting, she let it go. He stood there, as the pee flowed, making a large puddle around his feet. I, being at the top of the stairs, starting laughing (as any supportive wife would). I laughed so hard I was crying. He just looked at me, there was nothing he could do, he started laughing too. Our daughter didn’t blink an eye, still asleep, peeing like she had never peed before.

Lesson learned, never carry a sleeping child in the sitting position late at night, they may think it is a toilet.

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