How the girooses came about

Note: some may find the content offensive, but remember this was done in all good fun.

My son (the teenage boy) was out shopping with friends, when he happened to see a life-sized stuffed moose, and of course I said there was no way he could have it for his birthday, so his friends bought it for him. Oh was he a happy camper! When he left for university this past September, the moose stayed home, with instructions that no one was to touch it. Well isn’t that just asking for trouble.

Now my multi-talented eldest daughter, who has a warped sense of humour like her Mom, has a very large stuffed Giraffe in her room. When her brother saw the Giraffe in his room he told her he didn’t want to see any “Baby Girooses” when he returned from University at Christmas break. A plan then started to formalize in her mind . After procuring a small moose and giraffe, she got to work. She removed the heads of the stuffed animals and with much care sewed the giraffe head on the moose’s body and the moose’s head on the giraffe body, thus Girooses. Then the fun began, taking pictures of the life-sized stuffed moose and giraffe in various sexual positions on the teenage boy’s bed (Mom and Dad are cracking up with laughter at this point).

Her younger brother and sister (middle child) were not aware of this top secret project of hers. Her siblings attend university in another province, thus it was decided we would visit them for Thanksgiving and the eldest would surprise them with the baby Girooses. As we drove to Quebec, the eldest put together all the pictures she took to show them first. Here are the pictures of how baby Girooses are made:

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    1. Thank you, and yes she can cook and look after children. She can also CAD a floor plan, rip down walls, renovate, and build a house. She went to school for Architecture and Construction. A multi-talented young lady.

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