I didn’t think my mother would…

Before everyone arrived for my husband’s surprise 50th birthday party on Saturday, our son thought it would be nice for the family to play a board game to keep dad distracted. So, all of us sat down around the kitchen table to play our favourite game – scrabble. Now three of us play scrabble against the computer quite frequently, so we know that there are some odd words, like ‘qi, za, dzo, zoea, qintars, jee, djinn, etc.’, so when I played the word baye, questions were asked but no one challenged me. Since I played the word on a triple word score, I took quite the lead against everyone and lo and behold I won the game.

Afterwards, like any son who questions his mother’s playing tactics, he looked up the word baye in the Official Scrabble dictionaries. He couldn’t find the word in either of them. With the most serious tone, my seventeen year old son, turned and looked at me “I didn’t think my mother would cheat.” CHEAT? Really son? I bluffed, I used my best poker face, put down the tiles on a triple and waited for someone to challenge me. No one did.

Will he play scrabble with me again, definitely. Will I bluff again, definitely. I love scrabble. Where else can a mother cheat bluff, and get away with it.

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