I think the Robin is actually plotting my death

For some silly reason a couple of Robins decided to build their nest atop our backyard gate. Now granted we do have another gate we can use, but if we even go anywhere near, the Robin sounds the alarm! The squeaks or yeeps that come out of its throat are very threatening, and I am concerned that one day, the damn bird is going to dive down, and swat me in the head.

Years ago, a pair of Cardinals that have nested in our backyard for twenty odd years built theirs too close to my clothesline, so every time I went out to hang the laundry I had to continually duck from the Cardinal making a bee-line for me. As much as I may want to remove this nest, and as much as my husband believes Robins are akin to rats, the nest will stay until the eggs have hatched, and the birds have flown the coup.

Nest above our backyard gate
Can you see the nest?
Robin Eggs
First view of her three eggs.
Robin hiding in the tree
The Robin is hiding in the tree as I came too close to snap another picture.
3 new Robin eggs
Still not hatched.

12 Replies to “I think the Robin is actually plotting my death”

  1. That is a very silly place for them to build a nest. Your photo of the nest is terrific, btw. Wow! Are they long gone by now?

    1. Oh thank goodness yes, they are gone! Though the nest is still there, I’m debating bringing it in the house, somehow disinfecting it, and using it as some sort of decoration. I had to stand precariously on a chair to snap that photo, but well worth it, especially since I did not lose my balance.

      1. You were winning all over the place there! 😀 Yay! I think it would be okay to bring it in. Maybe moving it to an open sunny spot on the deck would be enough to disinfect it. It’s likely fine anyway. It could be a fun decoration! (Let’s research it and find out!)

        1. Oh I don’t know about that Laureen, I only won a free line on my Lottario ticket! When I use the vines from our garden for wreaths in the fall, I usually soak the wood for a few days, making it more pliable. I think soaking the nest for a bit to get out any lingering bugs would be a good idea, then let it dry.

    1. Well all three baby robins seemed to have survived us not only opening and closing the gate, but also our dogs who could have easily eaten one when they were learning to fly.

    1. The Robin may pick another site next year, because he/she is finding out how much we use that entrance and is not the least bit happy. Though the minute we even step out on our front porch, they both start squawking. Thankfully we are still safe from them when we sit outside on the side porch.

  2. At first I thought this was an adventure of the “Red Dynamo”; one where she crossed paths with the Earth-19 evil version of Batman’s sidekick…
    But it wasn’t.
    So never mind.

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