I thought I would have to wait until she gave birth before I saw her vagina

First of all I liked to say that there is no topic that our family doesn’t share/talk about, so when the eldest said she was going to have a Brazilian done to her father and I, well…potty mouth me said “WTF, are you insane!”, apparently though she is. I’m  much smarter because there is no way in hell I would have anyone, including my husband go down there, and rip my hair off with wax while I yelled “fuck and more fuck” at the top of my lungs. It was bad enough giving birth when after my second child I told my husband he wasn’t going in there ever again (oh how the brain forgets pain until of course the third child is coming out).

Well the eldest needed moral support so she asked her sister to accompany her to the appointment. Okay, stop right there, “you asked your sister to go with you, see your vagina in all it’s glory and she actually said yes”.  Again “WTF”, there is sharing and then there is sharing (yes I know I am in the “too much information (TMI)” area with this blog post but I have my daughter’s permission). So there’s middle child holding her sister’s legs “spread eagle”, while the eldest is screeching I need a break but middle child is yelling right back at her saying “suck it up and rub some dirt on it and be a man”. Of course all during the session middle child is thinking eww and more eww, this is fucking disgusting. I thought I would have to wait until she gave birth before I saw her vagina.

Note: there will be no pictures for this post.

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  1. HAHAHAHA I died. And I’ve never done a Brazilian (wax or human) either. I love the relationship you have with your girls. My teens and I are the same way and I believe you and I have the same potty mouth. Whether my oldest would ask her sister to go with her…yeah I doubt it lol. I love the “suck it up, rub some dirt on it”

    1. Thank you, I happy to make you chuckle.

      You never know, you oldest may surprise you one day, like mine surprised me. It is a great relationship to have, and its nice to know there are other women like me.

  2. First of all, I want that kind of family where no-one’s embarrassed to talk about anything. How on earth do you manage that? Second, no-one goes in the waxing room with me other than the therapist, who I’m sure has seen a lot worse than me. So I’d be with you on WTF? 🙂

    1. We just started off talking about everything, if the kids had what we considered an embarrassing question, we still always answered, obviously it paid off, since they share all. The teenage boy will go to his sister’s for his embarrassing questions etc, which I find even more awesome.

      Yep WTF? I would never let anyone in with me, okay maybe hubby, he has already seen me at my worst when I gave birth, so I’d be alright with him in there. Either way, I’m never, ever going to do it, not even a bikini wax, ouch.

    1. If my sister had asked me, I’m sure I would have said no, and I’m still in awe that my eldest asked her younger sister to come, and she did. Will she have a Brazilian again? Unsure, I will have to wait until she returns from her vacation and asked her.

  3. Your post is most apt, Vaginas have been very much in the news this week, what with the Japanese artist who has been arrested for using her vagina in art. I don’t recommend ever trying a DIY Brazilian – I really fucked up, dropped a huge lump of molten hot wax right in the middle of my bush, got in the most terribly, hot sticky painful mess and had to resort to shaving the WHOLE lot off. I think that’s what is known as a Hollywood?

      1. Yes, it was Muchos Ouchos. Well, you’ve been most informative…I need to learn a bit more about this topiary business. I’d always thought Brazilian was the landing strip. I found a grey hair in mine the other day…PLEASE don’t tell anyone 😉

  4. I love how supportive your kids are of each other! I think that if my sis wanted me there, I would have gone with her…I just would have averted my eyes so I didn’t see anything! 🙂

  5. Isn’t sisterly love wonderful. Almost like marriage vows. Through sickness and in health, for better or for WORSE. And I’m glad my sisters never dragged me along to get this done.

  6. I am grateful there will be no photos for this post. The mere thought of a “Brazilian” fills me with horror. Anyway, I’m too old for that sort of thing.

  7. LOL! A. I would NOT ask my sibling to do this with me…B. I would NOT tell my father I wanted to get one done and…C. I like to take care of my own grooming there. LOL! Thanks for the laugh!

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