19 Replies to “Ice Storm December 2013”

  1. Oh my! Have been meaning to catch up with this post – so glad I have and that you’re all ok. How devastating to lose those trees though. We’re being subjected to peculiarly windy weather recently in England and am sad to say that we will have lost some – but they don’t look anywhere near as pretty when they fall as yours do with snow on them!

    1. I have been watching the storms in the UK on the news, yours have been quite bad with the flooding. We will have to hire someone to trim our trees right back, hubby says they can be saved, just not nearly as tall as before.

    1. The ice wrecked havoc here, we were lucky, we only lost branches, that just missed the house and van. Our power was only out for nine hours, where there are still those without electricity. The ice did make everything look beautiful but was far too heavy for the branches too support, or power lines. Middle child and I went to the store the next day, driving around live downed wires, just missing one that was sagging from the weight of the ice. We were glad to get home and did not venture out again that day.

  2. This is awful! But it could always be worse. We know of the madness the elements can create with our hurricanes (but we had a very quiet year this year, thankfully!) But the good thing is that nature will restore, and you are all fine!

  3. Being on the rain side of the front has its benefits … even better (for us), we were on the edges so we got only 2″ of rain … much less than 50 miles away.

    Yukko damage at your end. Ice is horrible is so many ways. In the big scheme of life, hope all in your family is well.

    1. Good to hear there was no damage down your way. Our yard will look completely different in the summer. I am very sad about our trees but we are all safe which is more important in the grand scheme of life.

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