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It is pretty sad when…

My biggest concern right now is my hair, it’s grey. I don’t really know what happened, except after getting my hair cut the other day, I actually took notice of my roots and was taken aback. Most people will say that grey is not a problem except that grey is associated with getting old, except of course if you are a man. Why is it when men get grey hair they are considered to be more dashing and handsome? I will say though, my husband does look wonderful with grey hair.

So what do I do with my grey hair, well I go to the hairdresser and I spend approximately $152 dollars. Now getting rid of grey hair is not an easy job. It took four flipping hours! Okay, I did decide that highlights were probably a good idea if I wanted to look 29 again. Thus, my wonderful hair stylist Joe, matched my roots perfectly with my hair colour (no easy task since I have auburn hair, well I did at one time). Next came the bleaching process to get rid of the auburn in some spots (I now looked like some weird science project with chunks of foil protruding from my head). After he removed the foil, I almost had a heart attack. Parts of my hair are white! Fortunately, the whole exercise in my attempt to look younger is not complete. Joe now puts in some sort of magic formula and unbelievably my hair changes. The grey is gone and I look amazing, (well at least in my eyes).

Next year I am turning 50 (as my son so reminds me) that I will be a half a century old. Both he and my husband are threatening to put a large dinosaur on our front lawn the morning I turn 50. Can you imagine waking up and seeing a such a monstrosity on your front lawn? Oh well, what is a wife/mother to do except colour her hair so at least it looks 29 again.

“It’s funny, I could never understand why for years my mother would always say she was 29 on her birthday”.

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