I’ve lost my oomph

Every once in a while I lose what I like to refer to as my “oomph”. You know what it is, you get up in the morning with a smile, all ready to attack the day. Well, I haven’t been waking up with a smile and I certainly have no gumption to attack the day. I force myself out of bed, have a coffee, sit down, boot up the laptop and then stare at it. I have very little interest in reading emails, blogs, checking Facebook or Twitter.

Sometimes it seems I’ve had to much information thrown at me and it is time to shut it all down for a few days. I turn off the laptop, the television, and return to “old school” enjoyments. I open a book to read, I pick up my knitting or sewing, I ignore the outside world. By stepping back from everything, I have time for contemplation, self-reflection and hope my “oomph” returns.


What do you do to regain your oomph? Have you ever lost your oomp?

10 Replies to “I’ve lost my oomph”

  1. It happens, but I imagine everyone deals with it a little differently. One way is doing what you did … declaring a vacation from electronics in order to get away and recharge. Nothing wrong with that! Remember, bloggers are hardest on themselves … but the readers are very patient and understanding because they’ve been there too!

  2. Oh, I totally know how you feel. When I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders (and it often does), I have to turn the world off. One of the ways I do this self-care is to be very selective of what news I read/watch. I only do the news online so that I can pick and choose what I read. And when it comes to social media and real world people too, I tend to switch off from them for a while, so I can recharge my batteries.

    Self-care is not selfish. It’s healthy.

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