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Less than 24 hours into the new year and I’m already a bad mother

It was less than twenty-four hours into the New Year and I am already a bad mother. What did I do? Well, to start with the teenage boy had a New Year’s Eve party, which overall was fine, except he drank a tad too much. So the next day he had a wicked hangover and spent most of the day in bed. Hubby looked after him, because I basically told him to suck it up and clean the bathroom (didn’t happen). Thus when he yelled for assistance it was dad he called for, not mom.

Second mistake of the day – supper. Since the boy was in bed all day, I naturally assumed with him having an upset stomach that he would not want any supper. I made one very large pizza for hubby and I, and one cheese-less pizza for middle child. Now normally I would make a pizza for everyone, but again he was in bed all day. So when I yelled pizza was ready for middle child and hubby, wasn’t I surprised when the teenage boy came down the stairs. Middle child blasted me for not making him a pizza, hubby added his two cents worth (later he did say the boy should not be eating anything heavy anyways).

One large pizza One cheese-less pizza

I apologized and the teenage boy ate something else (I didn’t notice what it was though). So less than 24 hours into the New Year, I believe I have won the bad mother of the year award. As a friend said on Twitter, at least I got it out-of-the-way.

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    1. I did get it out of the way, but that doesn’t mean I won’t screw up again in the mind of one of the kids! All part of being a mom, you take the good with the bad.

    1. It certainly is a tough job. Middle child made up for my error the next day, she made him a pizza, which turned out to be wonderful because the two of them sat down together and chatted for a while, something the two of them don’t do often enough.

  1. Oh bless, have been there already & yelled at my twin daughters for losing tickets and setting fire to a windowsill (don’t ask)! Happy New Year from one bad mother to another x

  2. My son would have gotten no pity from me… consequences, my dear, were never sugar coated with me. They can’t learn the lesson if we do the homework for them. They will call us the worst mother at the time, but they will appreciate the hardships they learned from these events later in life. Trust me on this…

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