Life after kids

This morning after I rose from bed, wished my husband a good day at work, I sat down at my laptop, to tweet, figure out a menu for the next two weeks and listen to some really good music (surprisingly no Leonard Cohen this morning), before heading off to the Farmer’s Market. Anyways after reading some of my Twitter feed, I decided to tweet this 5:30 am sex is exhausting, and then you remember it is market day, so sleeping in is not an option”. After hitting the send button, I thought oh my gawd, that was definitely a TMI (too much information) tweet but then I thought oh what the heck, there are two sides of me, and this side, the sex side has once again re-emerged since all my kids are away at college/university. DH and I have the house to ourselves! We are rediscovering passion, love, sex, conversation and whatever else fits into the mix.

When we first met, like a lot of other couples, sex was high on the agenda. We met on a Wednesday, thanks to a friend I hadn’t seen since high school, we talked, drank beer and played chess throughout most of the night. We didn’t see each other on the Thursday, but as luck would have it, he lived down the street from me so when he was walking by my apartment on the Friday, I just happened to be sitting outside on the porch. He said he had an errand to run, but on his way back, would I like to do something.

That Friday changed my life. We basically started living together that night, and have been together ever since – thirty years this summer. We married four years after we met, then started having children, three to be exact. Once you have kids though, life changes, sex in particular, there is no longer those spur of the moment hook-ups and calling a babysitter when the urge hits you, just doesn’t work, especially if it is 5:30 a.m. Then life changes, the kids grow up and move out, even if it is just for a few years well they attend college/university. Hubby and I are alone again for the first time in years. Thus the 5:30 am sex is exhausting, and then you remember it is market day, so sleeping in is not an option”. tweet.

Life is grand. Winking smile

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    1. Congratulations! Thirty years is wonderful. Marriage is hard work and reconnecting after the kids have left is difficult for some couples, interests differ and without the kids there to hold you together, some find there is nothing left. In our case, and yours, we still have loads of interests that keep us together besides the obvious, we love each other dearly. Thank you for sharing.

  1. @ Valentine: Hope, yes, give me hope! Please! 😉 Hubby and I have two young kids (as you know AlwaysARedhead), and I’m not sure I even remember how…and we’re thinking of baby #3, so I better get a memory refresh soon! 😀 Great post! It gives me hope, and something to look forward to!

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